Avocor and T1V, delivering interactive, visual collaboration 

T1V’s cloud-based software solutions enable intuitive visual collaboration, instantly connecting teams from any location for an immersive experience that transforms team communication.
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Avocor and TV1

T1V ThinkHub and Avocor interactive displays can help improve collaboration in various work functions

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Ideation and design planning 
Presentation creation and delivery
Agile process management 
Remote Collaboration 
Strategy planning and data visualization

BUilt for Hybrid

Built for Hybrid Spaces, T1V’s ThinkHub software works seamlessly with Avocor interactive displays to create an interactive canvas that teams can access regardless of location, enhancing hybrid working and team engagement. 
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Avocor and TV1

The partnership between Avocor and T1V delivers an unrivaled collaboration experience. Whether you are looking to create unlimited whiteboard notes or use ThinkHub as an endless canvas, every idea is easily captured and saved to share with everyone, regardless of their location. 

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Avocor and TV1
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