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Avocor and ThinkHub
ThinkHub + Avocor

Realize the total potential of ThinkHub visual collaboration with Avocor interactive displays

Experience ThinkHub collaboration with ultra-responsive touch, 4K resolution, and stylus mode all seamless at room-scale. Choose from 65", 75" and 86" 4K interactive displays. Leverage all of the core features of ThinkHub for your collaboration sessions with a large interactive Canvas, unlimited content and device sharing, annotation, and video conferencing. Elevate how your team collaborates with this powerful duo.

Ultra-Responsive Collaboration

ThinkHub + Avocor is an optimized experience delivering best-in-class touch collaboration. Navigating the large ThinkHub Canvas, dragging and resizing shared content, and annotation has never been smoother.

"T1V helps teams enhance collaboration with software that is easy to learn and intuitive to learn. Combined with the tablet-like experience of Avocor interactive displays, teams can quickly move past the technology and meet, create, annotate, save and share edits, and solve challenges easily and efficiently, regardless of where each person is located."

Dana Corey, GM and VP, Avocor

"ThinkHub customers demand the best responsiveness when collaborating with their team... Avocor delivers on that promise and more. The ThinkHub x Avocor bundle recognizes the difference between human and stylus touch, providing an enhanced collaboration experience that comes naturally to the user."

Adam Loritsch, EVP Sales + Marketing, T1V

ThinkHub x Avocor recognises between stylus and pen gestures


ThinkHub + Avocor automatically recognizes stylus vs. human touch. So you can seamlessly switch between annotation and dragging/dropping/resizing content windows on your interactive Canvas.

ThinkHub x Avocor whiteboarding sessions span up to 20x the display surface


Create unlimited whiteboard notes or brainstorms, or use the entire ThinkHub canvas as a large whiteboard that spans 20x the surface of the Avocor touchscreen to capture every idea, suggestion and concern, and easily save and share with anyone on the team.

Total System Latency: the metric that matters

The ThinkHub + Avocor duo performs extremely well on T1V's TSL spectrum - delivering an unrivalled tablet-like touch experience throughout your ThinkHub collaboration sessions.