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Whether you are looking to improve communication and enhance critical thinking between Government teams, a better way to host training sessions, or to create immersive communications to expedite decision making, Avocor collaboration solutions are simply the best way to stay connected. 



Avocor making collaboration easy


Collaboration solutions from Avocor are designed and built to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Our collaboration solutions for government and public sector work seamlessly with 3rd party software and hardware, and provide flexibility to create a solution that is specific for your organizational needs. Whether you need a Google Meet specific hardware or a platform agnostic solution that you can build upon yourself, collaboration is easy with Avocor solutions.

Avocor meeting equity


The adoption of video conferencing along with growth in hybrid workforces has created a need for meeting equity. Everyone in the meeting, regardless of their location, needs to see, hear, whiteboard, participate and contribute as easily as they could if they were in the same room together. And that’s exactly what Avocor displays are designed to do – enable every teammate, whether remote or in-person, to have a seat at the table. 

Avocor walk up and use technology

Walk up and use

With wake-on-presence sensors, object recognition, and a writing experience that is like using pen on paper, Avocor solutions provide a familiar environment for all users in government and public sector environments, ensuring a simple and easy onboarding process. These intuitive interactive displays allow everyone to contribute to shared digital canvas’ in real-time for a true collaboration experience regardless of location and what video collaboration app is being used.

Introducing our TAA trade-compliant interactive display solutions and software

Avocor has a range of products and software that are TAA approved solutions for Government and Public Sector environments. 

Avocor Security

Ensured security 

Private meeting notes, content and annotations stay securely in the hands of the meeting organizer for enhanced piece of mind. Any content shared in the meeting leaves the display as soon as users disconnect their personal devices, ensuring when they leave the room so does the content, so no files are left behind for others to see. 

Avocor Fast Response

Quick response 

Making critical decisions in real-time can change the course of any event. By adding interactivity into a command-and-control environment, key decision-makers can all collaborate within the meeting using clear communication platforms, increasing the speed of important decision-making. No time is lost in these critical moments of crisis management with the ability to bring key decision makers into the meeting, regardless of if they are out on the front-line, or in a different office location, enabling everyone to see the bigger picture and provide quick responses for disaster recovery. 

Easy to USe

Intuitive and simple to use, our display screens for the government and public sector include ultra-fast inking touch performance that supports up to 20 individual touchpoints and 4 passive styluses, enabling a realistic writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper, while object recognition easily distinguishes between stylus (pen), finger (mouse) and palm (eraser).

Passive Pens
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Avocor ALZ Series
Avocor touch technology solutions


Avocor displays for government and public sector deliver flexibility for your users, whether you are looking for a solution where teams can get meetings started quickly using a single cable option or through an OPS PC, from brands like HP, or Lenovo, to turn your display into a one-touch to join solution, ensuring your investment is upgradable to provide additional security and storage.

Ready to talk


With sizes ranging from 27” to 105”, Avocor has a solution for every space, from executive and home offices, to huddle spaces, meeting rooms or board rooms, whatever space you are looking to upgrade, Avocor has the right solution for you. 

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