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Zoom Rooms 

Make collaboration even more effective in meeting rooms, schools, and home offices by teaming Zoom with interactive displays from Avocor. Avocor has a range of Zoom and Zoom Room options to meet any room configuration, each designed to enable users to book and start meetings quickly, share content easily and add dial whiteboarding and annotation to your Zoom experience.  

Why Zoom Rooms 

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What is a Zoom Room 

A Zoom Room is a hardware set-up that enables users to connect with remote teammates and hold virtual meetings, integrated seamlessly with cameras, microphones, speakers, and interactive displays to create an immersive experience that feels like you're all in the same room together.  

Easy to use 

Zoom Rooms supports multi-touch between Windows-based controllers and Avocor interactive touch displays using controller devices such as Logitech Tap, Lenovo Hub, and HP Slice. 

Why Avocor for Zoom Rooms  

Choosing Avocor to enable your Zoom Rooms extends interactivity into your Zoom experience, providing touch capabilities for in-meeting whiteboarding, annotation, and meeting room control from the display, creating a more user-friendly experience.  

Seamless hardware integration 

Avocor also works natively with a range of third-party Zoom-certified audio and camera hardware, including HP, Lenovo, and Logitech to create front-of-room and table user interfaces.  

Avocor solutions for Zoom Rooms 

Avocor L Series 

Enter into a new, expansive workable display area with Avocor’s L series of collaboration displays. The 105” solutions are available in two variations, touch and non-touch displays, the L series has been designed to deliver a rich and agnostic video conferencing experience at a wider scale, with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensor and curated applications. 
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Avocor E92 

The Avocor E 92 is built with future scalability in mind, accommodating both current and emerging video conferencing technologies and collaboration trends. Its compatibility with next-generation 21:9 video formats from platforms like Zoom ensures that businesses can adapt to future advancements without the need for immediate hardware updates.  
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Avocor H Series 

The H Series redefines workspace integration, merging ultra-thin bezel elegance with top-tier functionality. Perfectly suited for various collaborative settings, it offers an immersive touch experience, user-friendly interfaces, and versatile integration. Designed for dynamic interactivity, the H Series enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of professional environments, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their collaborative capabilities. 
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Avocor CollabTouch Series 

The Avocor CollabTouch Series combines an Avocor interactive screen for business with a Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini camera, providing an exceptional out-of-the-box collaboration solution for Zoom Rooms, suitable for every meeting room and the all-in-one configurations utilize a single power cable for a quick and easy installation experience. 
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Avocor E Series 

The E Series is ideal for video-centric meetings, delivering content in stunning 4K, utilizing Infra-Red technology for a cost-effective solution for meeting spaces. 
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Avocor G Series  

The Avocor G Series is a no-compromise, sleek powerhouse that delivers an immersive 4K experience with precise inking and stunning brightness to deliver a high-performing collaboration environment.  
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