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98" displays 

For expansive meeting spaces and large conference rooms, Avocor's 98” interactive displays are engineered to deliver exceptional visual clarity and engagement, seamlessly accommodating substantial groups. Often deployed in executive boardrooms and large training facilities, the 98” display eliminates the need for multiple screens, creating a streamlined, efficient meeting environment. The impressive screen size and ultra-high resolution ensure that every participant, whether in-person or remote, can interact with content and video conferencing tools effortlessly, providing a fully immersive and collaborative experience. 
Ultra large displays  

Avocor 98" displays 

Avocor K series 

The Avocor K Series is designed for versatility across corporate, educational, and public settings, with sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches and featuring QLED technology, there’s a solution for every space. With advanced integration capabilities like wireless screen sharing through Montage and digital signage via Rise Vision, the K Series stands as the ultimate choice for organizations aiming to elevate their visual communication and collaboration, encapsulating the future of professional displays, offering unmatched quality, connectivity, and ease of use in one comprehensive solution.  
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