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In response to a large hybrid workforce built around open floor plans and hot desks, many smart companies are deploying phone booths, which allow teammates to have meetings that don’t bother their other teammates and that are quiet and private for the user. 

To support meeting equity and to create effective and immersive meetings, phone booths need to be equipped with interactive displays that are compatible with any video meeting app and that allow you to see, hear and participate with content sharing, annotating and whiteboarding. Avocor brings you the most coveted office phone booth technology with our interactive displays.
Interactive screens
Avocor Phone Booth Meetings
Avocor Phone Booth Meetings
While most office phone booths are built for 1 person, we are seeing larger phone booths that can accommodate 1-4 people at the same time.
These smaller meeting room environments are perfect for a single display solution, such as Avocor’s 55” sizes or the Series One Desk 27 by Avocor.
Avocor E Series & Google Desk 27

Incredible flexibility

With both interactive display options that are all-in-one solutions, such as our W series, or the cost-effective E series that simply needs a camera, Avocor interactive displays deliver incredible flexibility and versatility for your office phone booths, enabling users to walk up and instantly start a meeting. And with Type-C connectivity, adding your laptop immediately allows you to access all your content and any video call apps, provides display control, Ethernet and power to your laptop all with a single Type-C cable.
Avocor W Series
Avocor USB-C
Phone Booth solutions

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Avocor in Partnership with Zoom
Avocor has focused a lot of effort to create office phone booth solutions and has several options, each working seamlessly with all UC hardware brands, including our strategic partners Google, HP, Lenovo and Logitech for an even more immersive camera, audio, compute and control.

Series One Desk 27 | Making collaboration personal 

Our most personal touch solution yet, the Google Meet Series One Desk 27 is a premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard. Desk 27 is optimized for Google Meet but, when connected to a laptop, can also be used with any conferencing service, including Microsoft Teams, WebEx, RingCentral, and Zoom. A single USB-C cable connects Desk 27’s camera, microphones, speaker, power, and control for Meet and any other video conference app as well as access to all of your laptop’s content.  
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W55 interactive display | All-in-one out of the box solution 

The Avocor all-in-one W-55 solution features an integrated video camera and soundbar, making it an out-of-the-box solution with no additional hardware required and ideal for Microsoft Teams Rooms environments.  
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ALZ series | Made for Zooming 

The Avocor ALZ series, a collaboration between Avocor and Logitech, is a simple-to-use yet incredibly powerful Zoom Room for Touch solution featuring the Logitech MeetUp that brings interactive whiteboarding, video and content sharing to Zoom meeting environments. The 55” ALZ solution is ideal for phone booths that are Zoom Room for Touch. 
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Avocor G Series
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