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The construction industry is a diverse field that encompasses many different types of organizations and job roles. Architects are responsible for designing buildings and structures, while a variety of skilled construction workers have the task of raising the walls. Effective collaboration is key to keeping everything on track and on budget.


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Those working in the supply chain ensure that materials and supplies are delivered on time, while those on-site help to oversee construction projects and ensure that they are completed safely and efficiently. Despite these differences, they share many commonalities when it comes to technology pain points, including the need for effective communication and collaboration in real-time. Discover how Avocor is enabling those in the construction market to thrive.


Interactive displays provide a great way to view construction plans and other large, complex documents. Users can easily zoom in and out to view the documents in high-resolution, select and manipulate objects on the screen, and add notes and measurements directly onto the plans.


Architects, draftsman, and real estate agents can all benefit from using interactive displays to review and manipulate digital design concepts. This makes it easier to view and interact with construction plans, architectural drawings, floor plans, site plans, elevations, 3D modelling, AutoCAD, spreadsheets, and BIM files.


Those on the construction site will also benefit. Avocor interactive displays provide teams with the necessary tools and resources to collaborate in real-time. Not only do they ensure a seamless workflow between in-room and remote teams, but they also provide a digital version of the Last Planner System. This allows for a more efficient planning process and an end-to-end solution that is easy to use and manage. As a result, teams can quickly and efficiently complete tasks to ensure a successful project.


“The use of interactive technology is fundamental to improving collaboration and communication across the company and supply chain. Being a large organization we depend on technology to help the business function effectively. The Avocor solution achieved the highest marks in our evaluations, meeting all of our requirements and delivering the best cost performance option.”

Construction and Facilities Management Services Customer


Avocor E series 

The Avocor E series combines cutting-edge touch technology with a wide range of sizes. Available from 55” to 86” there is an E series display to cover a range of use cases.  

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Avocor G series 

The Avocor G series has a spectacularly sleek, edge-to-edge design. It’s powerful too, with a ultra-fast touch performance for precise inking and detailed annotations, this is the display for architects and engineers.  

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Avocor W series 

The W series delivers an all-in-one, integrated solution with an in-built video camera, microphone array, and soundbar. Perfect for connecting teams via UC platforms including Zoom, Google Meet, RingCentral and Microsoft Teams. Mount your display on a rolling cart and you’ll have a mobile solution suitable for both the building site and the boardroom.  

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Avocor CollabTouch™ series 

Avocor CollabTouch series is a modular alternative to the all-in-one displays. It combines an Avocor interactive screen for business with a Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini camera, delivering an exceptional interactive experience with your UC Platform of choice. The high-performance solution is a must for video enabled meeting spaces.  

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Google Meet Series One by Avocor 

The Google Meet Series One by Avocor has been designed more efficient, equitable, and intuitive collaboration. These interactive touch displays seamlessly connect both in-person and remote meeting attendees – enabling everyone in the room or on a call – to see, hear, and contribute to meetings and problem solving. 

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Avocor L series 

The 105” Avocor L series display creates a more powerful connection between remote participants and those in the room by allowing more content, applications, and people to be seen at once. The extra display real estate enables teams to interact more freely with construction plans, architectural drawings, floor plans, site plans, BIM files and more. 

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Avocor GroupShare is a subscription-based software for Avocor interactive displays that eliminates technology complications associated with shared meeting spaces, enabling hybrid-working organizations to keep their meeting spaces secure and flexible. 

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Helping IT and AV managers simplify the management of multiple collaboration solutions across global sites with FUSE, our new free cloud-based software management platform that enables IT/ AV and Facilities teams to remotely deploy, configure and manage Avocor solutions at scale, from anywhere in the world, dramatically improving efficiencies while reducing overheads. 

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Austere Clean & Protect is a professional quality display cleaner that's perfectly formulated to care for all of your devices. A gentle blend of cleaning ingredients to produce an anti-bacterial, ammonia-free solution that will eradicate germs and eliminate static build-up. 

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Introducing the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor. The Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) PC is designed to turn your Avocor interactive display into a big-screen all-in-one touch PC. 

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Introducing the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor. The Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) PC is designed to turn your Avocor interactive display into a big-screen all-in-one touch PC. 

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