Premium Clarity and Seamless Connectivity for the Modern Workspace.


The Avocor K Series is designed for versatility across corporate, educational, and public settings, with sizes ranging from 55 to 98 inches and featuring QLED technology, there’s a solution for every space. With advanced integration capabilities like wireless screen sharing through Montage and digital signage via Rise Vision, the K Series stands as the ultimate choice for organizations aiming to elevate their visual communication and collaboration, encapsulating the future of professional displays, offering unmatched quality, connectivity, and ease of use in one comprehensive solution.

Non-touch display

QLED Technology

Complete Range of Sizes 

Unify. Engage. Navigate. With the Avocor K Series

Serving as the backbone for a unified communication strategy, the Avocor K Series combines effective digital signage with dynamic content sharing and presentation capabilities. Ideal in corporate meeting spaces or training environments, the K Series also supports interactive learning experiences with high-definition visual aids and collaborative screen sharing.

The superior image quality and size options make these displays ideal for reinforcing brand identity through high-impact visual content in lobbies, reception areas, and retail spaces.
With digital signage and wayfinding applications*, the K Series can help guide visitors and employees through complex corporate facilities, improving navigation and space utilization.
Importantly, the K Series also aligns with corporate sustainability goals, reducing the environmental footprint of technology deployments as an energy-efficnet display.

Avocor K Series
Avocor K Series
Avocor K Series
Avocor K Series
Quality and Reliability
Ease of Integration and Management
Innovative and Future-Ready Workspaces

Featuring 4K resolution, 450 nits brightness with QLED and HDR local dimming, and a 90% DCI-P3 color gamut, the K Series is built for organizations that refuse to compromise on the quality and visibility of their displayed content.

Equipped with wireless screen sharing via Montage, digital signage capabilities through Rise Vision, and comprehensive connectivity options, the K Series is ideal for businesses seeking seamless integration into their existing technology ecosystems, complemented by easy, centralized management.

The K Series meets the demands of forward-thinking organizations aiming to create innovative, technology-enabled work environments that foster engagement, collaboration, and communication.

Avocor K Series
Avocor K Series


The Avocor K Series is engineered to meet the diverse visual communication needs of modern corporate environments. With a focus on versatility, superior visual quality, and ease of integration, the K Series offers a premium display solution for a variety of professional settings.

From businesses seeking to enhance their communication with high-definition displays for lobbies, meeting rooms, and common areas to Universities or training centers looking to provide students and educators with a superior visual tool for learning and presentations, the K Series delivers stunning content clarity, in all scenarios. 


Edge-to-Edge Brilliance: Ultra-thin 4.5mm to 5.3mm bezel for a seamless viewing experience.

Vivid Visuals: 4K resolution powered by QLED technology ensures stunning clarity and vibrant colors.

Optimal Brightness and Color: 450 nits brightness and 90% DCI-P3 color gamut deliver brilliant images even in well-lit areas.


Universal Compatibility: Fully compatible with all types of UC hardware including brands like Logitech, Lenovo, and HP.

Versatile Software Support: Works effortlessly with any UC software, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx.

Plug-and-Play Connectivity: Features include multiple HDMI inputs and a powerful 100W Type C port for easy setup and connectivity.


UiQ Interface: Touch-enabled dynamic user interface that simplifies navigation and increases efficiency.

Montage & Rise Vision: Wireless sharing and customizable digital signage enhance communication and collaboration.

FUSE Management: Streamlines remote management of technology, reducing operational complexity.


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