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55" displays 

Avocor 55” displays are ideal for small meeting room environments, where 2 - 5 people are looking to meet in person or for video collaboration meetings, often called huddle spaces or focus rooms. Choosing a 55” Avocor interactive display brings simplicity and collaboration into smaller meeting spaces, enabling users to get meetings started quickly from the display and work together on group activities.  

Avocor 55" solutions 

Avocor 55” G series  

For those environments that require precise inking and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that takes collaboration to the next level.  
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Avocor 55” W series  

The Avocor all-in-one W55 solution features an integrated video camera and soundbar, making it an out-of-the-box solution with no additional hardware required.  
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Avocor 55” E series  

The Avocor E series comes in 55” and is the perfect solution for those spaces where budget is a priority. Featuring optically bonded glass, this 4K display is ideal for video meetings. 
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Avocor 55” ALZ series  

The Avocor ALZ series features a 55” variant, combining an Avocor display with the popular Logitech Meet Up camera and pre-loaded Zoom PC that enables Zoom Rooms in the meeting space.  
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