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Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Solutions by Avocor 

With over 250 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams enables faster communication and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem and is perfect for hybrid working environments. Microsoft Teams delivers team-based collaboration centered on enabling creativity and productivity. Statistics show companies that promote collaborative working are x5 times likely to be high-performing. In the modern workplace, teams come in all sizes and can be local or spread across the globe. To enable teamwork, you need tools that empower people to seamlessly connect in a huddle room, conference room, collaborative meeting room or in any team space. Avocor and Microsoft do just that. 

Why Microsoft Teams 

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Create an immersive experience  

Avocor’s meeting room technology powered by our collaboration display solutions enables users to take their Teams experience seamlessly from their device into the meeting room, creating an immersive meeting experience for all through the power of Teams to accelerate collaboration, communication, and get more done. 

Incredibly responsive, pixel-perfect touch 

Avocor meeting room display solutions combine crisp 4K and 5K resolution with 20-point touch to offer an incredibly responsive, pixel-perfect experience that brings pen and inking capability into all Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, at room scale. 


Avocor meeting room display solutions work natively with Teams Rooms products from collaboration leaders such as HP, Lenovo, and Logitech, delivering an easy interface with one click to join meetings for faster, simpler meetings. 

Avocor solutions for Microsoft Teams environments 

Avocor L Series  

Enter into a new, expansive workable display area with Avocor’s L series of collaboration displays. The 105” solutions are available in two variations, touch and non-touch displays, the L series has been designed to deliver a rich and agnostic video conferencing experience at a wider scale, with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensor and curated applications. 
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Avocor E92 

The Avocor E 92 is ideal for medium-sized rooms, providing the perfect balance between size and functionality. Its 92-inch display offers a comprehensive visual solution that fits comfortably in various room sizes without overwhelming the space. This scalability ensures that the E 92 can serve not only large boardrooms but also smaller huddle spaces and meeting areas, making it a versatile choice for organizations looking to standardize their collaboration technology across multiple room types. 
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Avocor CollabTouch Series 

The Avocor CollabTouch series combines an Avocor interactive screen for business with a Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini camera, providing an exceptional out-of-the-box collaboration solution for Microsoft Teams, suitable for every meeting room and the all-in-one configurations utilize a single power cable for a quick and easy installation experience. 
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Avocor H Series  

The H Series redefines workspace integration, merging ultra-thin bezel elegance with top-tier functionality. Perfectly suited for various collaborative settings, it offers an immersive touch experience, user-friendly interfaces, and versatile integration, including seamless compatibility with the Lenovo ThinkSmart core. Designed for dynamic interactivity, the H Series enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of professional environments, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their collaborative capabilities. 
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Avocor E Series 

The cost-effective E series conference room display features optically bonded glass into a 4K infrared display, making the solution ideal for budget-conscious users. 
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Avocor G Series 

The Avocor G series is a no-compromise, sleek powerhouse that delivers an immersive 4K experience with precise inking and stunning brightness to deliver a high-performing collaboration environment.  
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Avocor W Series 

The Avocor all-in-one W55 solution features an integrated video camera and soundbar, making it an out-of-the-box solution with no additional hardware required and ideal for Microsoft Teams Rooms environments. 
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