- Experienced an increase in time spent on video calls?
- Tired of joining or hosting meetings with unengaged participants?
- Is there a disconnect between your hybrid teams?
- Too much consumption of video and not enough participation in calls?

Despite their limitations, remote meetings have provided participants with increased feelings of inclusion and meeting equity. As we now move to a hybrid environment, with remote and
 in-person participants collaborating simultaneously, we need to rethink how these meeting spaces look so that these benefits are not lost. investing in your meeting space technology can support this changing need and lead to increased productivity and engagement amongst teammates. 

Avocor Interactivity Whitepaper

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Download our product-agnostic guide to help you find out how to make the jump into an interactive meeting environment, and give all of your participants a meaningful seat at the table. 

Including a free infographic discussing the importance and power of adding interactivity into the meeting room to enhance productivity and engagement. 

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