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Solutions for interactive video collaboration

The Jabra Panacast 50 VBS and Jabra Panacast 50 Room System

By merging Avocor's interactive displays with the collaborative prowess of Jabra’s renowned meeting room solutions - the Jabra Panacast 50 VBS and Jabra Panacast 50 Room System - CollabTouch with Jabra offers a versatile, modular approach adaptable to any room size, ensuring instant video collaboration. This integrated solution provides a seamless all-in-one experience, facilitating group collaboration effortlessly, regardless of room dimensions.

Available in multiple sizes from 55” to 105”

Easy Installation

The CollabTouch Accessory Kit

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra

The collabtouch accessory kit

The CollabTouch Accessory Kit includes our Unified Power Assembly that powers the collaboration bar and display using one power cable, The Unified Connectivity Cable provides HDMI, Ethernet and USB connectivity to connect the collaboration bar to the display with one cable, enabling simplified installation and cable management. All attaching to the display itself to avoid complex and costly custom installation.

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra
Avocor collabtouch

An unparalleled interactive experience

Discover the Avocor CollabTouch paired with Jabra for an unparalleled interactive experience in your meeting spaces. Seamlessly compatible with your preferred UC platform, such as Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams, it empowers you to effortlessly access and enhance your UC experience with rich content integration.

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra
Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra
Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra
Instant Team Collaboration, at your fingertips
Easy installation
Choose the perfect combination for your environment

Harnessing the dynamic capabilities of the Avocor display, CollabTouch streamlines the process of joining and managing calls right from the screen, making video meetings effortlessly accessible. Elevate team collaboration with CollabTouch's feature set, which includes real-time whiteboarding during meetings, fostering productivity and enhancing meeting results.

Featuring a proprietary kit which includes power and connectivity cables for easy installation of the display and collaboration bar.

Choose the perfect combination with screen options from Avocor. Collaboration displays like the E series with IR touch technology, the H series with effortless Lenovo ThinkSmart compatibility, the G series for a crystal clear pixel perfect display or the L series for that 21:9 ultra wide experience.

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra

Jabra P50 VBS

The Jabra Panacast 50 VBS delivers cutting-edge innovation for Android based meeting rooms to enhance video communication experiences. With its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms, the Jabra Panacast 50 VBS delivers a seamless virtual meeting environment and, when combined with an Avocor display as part of the CollabTouch solution, delivers an immersive experience for all.

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra VBS
Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra
Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra

Jabra P50 Room System

The Jabra P50 room system offers an advanced solution for Windows based meeting rooms, designed to elevate audio and video conferencing experiences. With innovative technology and sleek design, it provides seamless integration with leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Featuring high-definition cameras and crystal-clear audio, participants feel as though they're in the same room, even from remote locations. Easy setup and intuitive controls make it ideal for any meeting space, from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms, enhancing communication and productivity for teams worldwide.


Choose the perfect combination for your environment

E Series

Avocor E Series

The Avocor E Series variation is a powerhouse, equipped with IR touch technology and zero parallax glass, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience. It goes further with object recognition, distinguishing effortlessly between finger (mouse), stylus (pen), and palm (eraser) interactions.

Avocor H Series

The H Series seamlessly integrates sleek design with robust features, making it the perfect addition to any workspace. Designed for collaboration, it offers immersive PCAP touch capabilities, intuitive interfaces, and effortless compatibility with Lenovo ThinkSmart. Elevate your collaborative spaces with the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Avocor G Series

Experience seamless collaboration and interaction with the G series, boasting premium performance powered by InGlass™ touch technology. Enjoy crystal-clear, pixel-perfect displays that elevate your meeting spaces to new heights. Say goodbye to friction and hello to effortless collaboration. With advanced object recognition and palm rejection, combined with its sleek bezel-less design, the G series guarantees top-notch design and user experience.

Avocor E92 Series

The Avocor E92 interactive touch screen display revolutionizes meeting environments with its 92-inch ultra-wide LCD display and 21:9 aspect ratio, eliminating the need for dual-monitor setups and expanding interactive workspaces.

Avocor L Series

Avocor L Series

Experience a new era of collaboration with the Avocor L Series and its expansive 105” ultra-wide display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, tailored for Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. Whether in boardrooms or classrooms, its immersive capabilities inspire creativity and participation. Navigate effortlessly and utilize its versatile features to boost productivity in brainstorming sessions, data analysis, and team interactions.


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