Technology barriers are a thing of the past with Avocor collaboration solutions

Patrick Graff  

Poor meeting experiences are often caused by outdated meeting room technology. As more and more companies move to a hybrid workplace, with remote and in-person participants collaborating simultaneously, the problem has only worsened. Avocor is helping organizations upgrade meeting spaces so that all participants have the best collaboration experience. 

The Pain Points

Meetings Take Too Long to Start

Ever find yourself racing through conference room doors trying to get to the meeting on time only to find the conference room full of unfamiliar hardware?

You’re not alone. Research tells us it takes an average of 12 minutes to start a meeting. This loss of time has a lot to do with the people being unfamiliar with meeting room video apps and hardware technology.

Sharing Content is Difficult

There’s a pile of cables on the conference room table – messy, confusing, they don’t fit.  In your rapid pace to connect, one flies up and hits you in the face! Sometimes the cable is missing all together… 

Whether you’re presenting content to an audience to absorb, dialing into a company update or webinar, or looking to collaborate with colleagues, sharing content oftentimes is problematic and inefficient.  But why!?  In today’s world of AV and IT, this shouldn’t be difficult, and it needs to be consistent in every room, on every screen! 

Options Abound, Complexities Increase 

USB-C connectivity, wireless casting, dongles, onboard PCs…  Different solutions can enable you to bring your own device (BYOD) or bring your own meeting (BYOM) solution to your next meet up.  But can what you’re using be standardized for all meeting rooms and participants?

You’re on Mute

Finally, you’re connected, but remote attendees may struggle to hear and get involved. Does this ring a bell? 

Goes without saying, their minimal contribution and inability to fully participate dampens collaboration. For those lacking an interactive display, even the most user-friendly productivity tools can fall short of being engaging and fun.

Again, you wouldn’t be alone. 15% of people report technical issues during 1 in every 2 hybrid meetings*. An extraordinary stat that can be tackled with the right hardware and training.

There’s a Better Way

With Avocor collaboration solutions, technology barriers are a thing of the past. More than just beautiful to look at and built to last, our displays can integrate with your hardware, software or platform of choice so you can quickly start meetings and enable your team to contribute easily and meaningfully - no matter where they’re at.

Customize the user interface with your favorite productivity apps and URLs for one-touch launching. Starting a meeting has never been so simple.

Whether video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, or reviewing and commenting on content, Avocor collaboration solutions are designed with an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, even for non-technical team members. Anyone can walk up to the display or engage remotely and participate equally during collaboration sessions.

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For more information on what Avocor collaboration solutions can do for you, speak to one of our experts and book a demonstration using the form to the right of this page.


*People that experience less issues or challenges during hybrid meetings tend to have a higher job satisfaction. Barco, 2020

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