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HP collaboration and conferencing with Avocor interactive display solutions

Enhance team collaboration with an intuitive user experience that makes conferencing more efficient and engaging.


Avocor and HP work together to provide frictionless, deployable collaboration solutions across the enterprise. Together, we have created solutions that address two of the most common UC platforms – Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and Zoom Rooms for Touch - by pairing Avocor interactive displays with HP Slice enabling shared digital whiteboarding for MTR’s, and HP Collaboration PC’s for Zoom Rooms for Touch.

From conference rooms to executive offices to focus, huddle and casual spaces, the power of Avocor displays with HP collaboration devices innovation will enable teams to seamlessly run their meetings, connected in the most effective way to anyone remote. These solutions have been validated to be easily deployable, in quantity, across your operations.

for Zoom Rooms for Touch

HP Collaboration PC with an Avocor interactive display

for Microsoft Teams Rooms

HP Elite Slice G2 with an Avocor interactive display

The benefits of HP collaboration PCs with Avocor interactive displays

  • Shared digital whiteboarding

Interactive displays help remote team members easily contribute and view in-meeting annotations for an experience as close to being as the room as you can get.

  • Full-team engagement

Each member has more ways to communicate, share ideas, and contribute during meetings.

  • Technology for the future

High-end, commercial-grade solutions can last the entire life of the room

  • Enhanced user experience

Our products are extensively tested to work seamlessly together, so less time is spent on facilitating and starting meetings, and more time is spent collaborating.

  • Flexibility for any space

With multiple size options, any room can be transformed into the ultimate conferencing room.

  • Simplified ordering and support

HP is your single point of contact for ordering and support for your meeting spaces.



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