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Question:Touch is not working correctly within Quicklaunch on an Interactive DisplayAdded Juli 24, 2018


There is currently a bug that has been reported to Microsoft that causes the interactive display to become unresponsive while using only the Quicklaunch application, the touch response is normal with all other applications and softwares being used on the interactive display. It appears to be related to Microsoft’s HID driver software in Windows 1703 (Creators Edition).

There are 2 options for working around this issue at this time:

  1. Install and run Window 10 Anniversary Update (1607)


  1. If the configuration of your monitors in Windows is not important then you may be able to sneak around this bug by changing the layout of your monitors in Windows. For example, in your ‚Display Settings‘, try moving the number 2 monitor to in the window to the left of monitor 1. This may resolve your issue.


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