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Question:How to connect to the WCD using a Type C connectionAdded June 11, 2019


The single Type C cable solution that immediately and intelligently connects a Windows PC to the display and enables immediate control of the new camera and mic for video and audio, as well as provides hard-wire ethernet connection, power and USB touch-back to the laptop.
1. Connect the enclosed Type C cable to the Type C port of the touchscreen and to the external PC.
2. Using the Remote Control select the Type C source button or press the Source Button (see operating buttons) on the Front Connection bar to select Type C.

Connect the Type C cale to the Type C port of the touchscreen and the external PC

In order for Plug and Play to work correctly, you must turn on the display before you turn on the connected computer.
For Type C connection, we recommend a maximum length of 1.8m unless an active Type C cable is used.

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