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Urben are creative designers and specialists in bringing Unified Communications to the workplace. Complex integration projects are enhanced, simplified and quickly deployed using the Urben range of Media Wall and Frame Series solutions.

Urben solutions offer ease of assembly, shortened installation timeframes with no disruption to the fabric of the building and considerable cost savings versus traditional media wall and AV installations.

Seriously simple

An all-in-one solution, purpose built for UC and VC environments; the Urben is the easiest way to set up a new boardroom, reception area or huddle room. Combining the latest in modern hardware and tailored to fit an individual requirement, Urben units are the ultimate no-fuss solution. Urben solutions are supplied complete and uniquely designed to ensure that installation and commissioning are as simple as possible, minimizing disruption and delivering both time and cost savings.

Complete solutions

The Urben frame can house any combination of audiovisual components required in one simple and convenient package, making rolling out a standardized global AV solution a piece of cake. Combine an Avocor display with any choice of camera, microphone and collaborative software to create the ultimate meeting room.

Moveable, adaptable, innovative

The unique floor-mounted delivery system of the Urben makes it flexible to your business needs. Unlike traditional AV installations, the Urben can be picked up and moved to new rooms or addresses, making it an ideal long term investment.

Huddle happy

The Urben Mini might be small, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch! Built with huddle rooms in mind, the ultra slim design is ideal for meeting rooms where a smaller spaces can planning issues.

Accessible engineering

Urben discrete storage pods can house any combination of components necessary to create the perfect collaboration space.

Customisable and picture perfect

Corporate branding doesn’t need to stop with on screen content. Bring life to any meeting space with Urbens available in any choice of custom colors and finishes to highlight the true character of your organization. We use RAL and pantone codes to match the exact preference.

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