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Question:How to update your firmware for the E6510Added October 10, 2018


To upgrade your firmware for the E6510, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare a USB drive and format it with FAT32 format
Step 2: Download the firmware file from our Product Firmware section found on our support page here

Please note: the firmware files are different for each display size and there are also 2 versions of each model – it is important you ensure you have the correct file. 

The zipped firmware file will have the model name (ie AVE-6510) and the generation (ie Gen 1 or Gen 2). The different generations can be identified as below:

Step 3: Copy the unzipped firmware file MS282Upgrade.bin to the root folder of the USB drive (other files can be ignored)

Copy the firmware files to the root folder of the USB drive

Step 4: Turn the display to standby status
Step 5:
Connect the USB drive to the USB port found at the rear of the display on the left-hand side

Step 6: 
Turn on the display by pressing and holding down the Power button for 10 seconds until the power light flashes.  This will automatically start the firmware update process

Step 7: When the firmware upgrade has finished, the display will restart automatically

Please note: after reset, the display may take a few minutes. Please be patient and do not attempt to turn-off/reset the display during this period

Step 8: Once complete, navigate to the setting menu to check the firmware version where the last characters should match the last characters of the downloaded firmware file – e.g. in the below example the matching characters should be ‘r70’


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