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The Nureva Span Workspace Software enables you to create visual and virtual collaboration spaces that make it easier for groups to accomplish truly incredible things together. The combination of Span Workspace with Avocor interactive touchscreen displays instantly creates an ideal agile environment that provides an endless canvas that makes ideas and possibilities limitless.

Avocor Note by Nureva, our unique whiteboarding application, integrates beautifully with Nureva Span Workspace taking concepts from in-room displays to a cloud-based canvas that is accessible across the globe.

Professional Content

Create content

Share your ideas using a variety of flexible tools. Notes let you quickly add ideas to a canvas to capture complex thoughts. Content can be moved, edited, hyperlinked, duplicated and grouped as needed while screen sharing enables information from multiple live applications to be shared to the same canvas creating a dynamic, collaborative workspace.

Organise everything

Use intelligent groups to keep your content accessible and organised. Sub groups and colour coding allows everyone to see at a glace how ideas fit together. For more complex tasks, Span Workspace makes it easy to create custom templates from scratch or convert your paper-based templates into dynamic digital tools.

Collaborate anywhere

Contribute to a canvas anytime, anywhere and on any device. When collaborating in real time, you can follow a leader through a canvas or explore on your own, while using QuickShare lets people without a Span subscription share ideas as well.

Introducing QuickShare

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The future of sticky-note walls is digital

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F50 Series

Avocor F50 Series

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E20 Series

Avocor E20 Series

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W6555 Collaboration Display

WCD series

Avocor Windows collaboration display

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