Enhancing hybrid workspaces: Microsoft Teams meets Avocor L series display

Jeff Boggess  October 19, 2023

In today's shifting professional landscape, the hybrid work model isn't just a trend—it's the new normal. With a growing preference for flexible work schedules, there's a critical need to create office spaces that support collaboration for both in-person and remote team members. As of June 2023, data reveals a compelling shift: 12.7% of full-time employees are working remotely, and nearly 30% have embraced a hybrid work schedule. Given the undeniable benefits, it's no surprise that 98% of workers favor some form of a hybrid schedule.

Understanding this, it's time to consider how your workplace technology supports this progressive work style. Enter the perfect duo for the future of collaborative efforts: Microsoft Teams and Avocor's L Series Display.

Imagine a beautiful 105-inch 5K Ultra HD screen transforming your meetings, the Avocor L Series Display. This cutting-edge screen, featuring a unique 21:9 aspect ratio, promises a captivating visual experience, whether you're brainstorming ideas or hosting a cross-continental conference. With both touch and non-touch options available, you have the liberty to tailor your hybrid workspace to fit your team's unique needs.

Why Choose the L Series?

The L Series isn’t just a display; it's an experience. With its 5K HD resolution, the quality remains uncompromised, providing crystal clear visuals even for those who prefer to interact up close. The PCAP optically bonded glass isn’t just for show; it ensures smooth touch and stylus usage while safeguarding your investment against scratches.

But the brilliance of the L Series goes beyond the visuals. Integrated features like Fuse and DisplayNote Montage offer a wireless experience, allowing screen sharing and remote updates with ease. The customized UIQ user interface enhances usability, especially for touch versions, making remote controls a thing of the past. It simplifies access to applications, ensuring that every meeting starts smoothly without technical hiccups.

The game-changer? The 21:9 aspect ratio. This expanded screen real estate enhances collaborative tasks and video conferencing. Imagine an unhindered view during a Teams call, where every participant is clear, and communication feels natural. This is where Microsoft Teams' new Front Row feature shines, especially when integrated into a workspace designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Crafting the Ideal Microsoft Teams Space with the L Series

Microsoft defines an optimized Teams experience as one that enhances existing meeting spaces, offering significant value where face-to-face and remote interactions merge. To craft such an environment, you’ll need a spacious room, ideally 25 feet by 15 feet, to comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 individuals.

Consider a curved table facing the display. This setup encourages active engagement from everyone, ensuring inclusivity for remote members. Adequate lighting, possibly augmented by window treatments, prevents participants from appearing washed out, maintaining the professional feel of meetings. Don't overlook the acoustics; carpeting or wall treatments are essential to minimize echo, ensuring everyone’s input is heard clearly.

For an enhanced meeting experience, a touchscreen console on your conference table is advisable for effortless meeting management. The Logitech Rally Bar, with its superior camera and sound, elevates the video conferencing experience, ensuring crystal clear communication.

The positioning of your L Series Display is crucial. Ideally, it should face the table, centrally aligned for an unobstructed view. Ensure the screen’s vertical position doesn’t deviate more than 15 degrees from the participants' eye level for comfortable viewing.

Finally, consider the cables connecting your tech. Opt for premium choices like Austere cables, which safeguard your equipment and enhance your space's aesthetics when cable concealment isn't viable.

Ready, Set, Collaborate!

With Avocor's L Series 105” display at the heart of your hybrid workspace, integrated with Microsoft Teams Rooms, you're equipped for the future. This setup isn't just about maintaining the connection within your team—it's about enhancing collaboration, productivity, and the collective drive towards success. Welcome to the future of work, where distance is no longer a barrier to your organization’s collaborative spirit.

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