The importance of interactivity in the meeting space

Natalie Harris-Briggs  June 3, 2020


UC Today: The Future of Collaboration Technology in 2020 and Beyond

“The traditional workplace has endured a substantial transformation over the past ten years as a result of advancements in collaboration technology. As we head into a new decade where remote, freelance, and contracted employees become even more prevalent, and where society has become even more attached to their personal technology devices, driving the need for collaboration technology that operates the same way, we can only expect that this trend will continue to evolve throughout 2020 and beyond.”

eCampus News: 20 EdTech Predictions for Higher Ed in 2020

“In 2020 and the coming decade, we’ll continue to see growing expectations from students, administration, and faculty to support the need for collaborative, engaging, and interactive teaching and training. Technology that is advanced in capability but also easily and readily-accessible within campus buildings or departments is a big part of those expectations–and we’re seeing that collaboration technology, such as interactive video displays and software, can help meet these needs.”

AV Magazine: AV in Action: It’s About Planning Ahead

“Familiarity breeds content. ‘Technology in collaboration spaces should support the software and hardware that teams are already using and offer simple, plug-and-play setup,’ says Dana Corey, general manager of Avocor.”

Commercial Integrator, January Issue: Four Walls Around the Entire World


AV Magazine: It’s All About Planning Ahead

“Technology in collaboration spaces should support the software and hardware that teams are already using and offer simple, plug-and-play setup,’ says Dana Corey, general manager of Avocor.”

EdTech Magazine: Why the Successful Campus of the Future Will Rely on Collaboration Technology

“As colleges seek to manage these changes, collaboration — both in person and through digital platforms — is becoming a key solution. Both students and faculty need collaboration tools that can address their needs within and between departments. And, since no two institutions are the same, solutions also need to deliver customization and connectivity to suit a variety of spaces and budgets.”

AV Magazine, February Issue: It’s About Planning Ahead


My Tech Decisions: Huddle Space Trends in 2020

“Today’s collaboration technology cannot be defined as ‘one-size-fits-all’. Businesses today, whether large or small, require customizable employee collaboration, stemming from designated meeting spaces, including huddle rooms.”

AV Magazine: Rethinking how work gets done

“’Truly effective collaboration in an increasingly virtual workspace needs both UC and collaboration devices like interactive displays (UC&C) to add a realtime data-sharing dimension,’ claims Dana Corey, general manager and vice-president of sales for Avocor.”

Installation: Connected learning

“’We see digital learning continuing to expand, as higher education institutions face growing expectations from students, faculty and others to support students and teachers in their quest to share ideas in a more fluid way,’ echoes Dana Corey, GM/VP of sales at Avocor.”

Installation: Education: New levels of capability

“Dana Corey, GM/VP of sales at Avocor, notes the rise in popularity of sophisticated large interactive displays as a key enabler for digital learning, is also cautious – but for a different reason.”

Installation: Education: Digital academic journey

“Dana Corey, GM/VP of sales at Avocor, also sees demand for Zoom. ‘AV is a critical support tool for remote learning,’ he says.”

Installation Magazine, March Issue: Connected learning

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