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Flatfrog’s unrivalled InGlassTM  technology creates the most responsive, precise and smooth multi-touch performance for interactive displays available on in the market. Users will experience more accurate annotations in a multitude of applications and clearer writing combined with a superior pen performance with no more waiting for the ink to catch up. Fast and precise, the touch technology differentiates easily between finger, pen and palm and also provides stunning 4K visuals creating a truly immersive and fluid collaboration experience for everyone.

All F series and Windows collaborations displays come with FlatFrog glass.

Innovative technology leader

The inventors of InGlass touch technology, FlatFrog, have developed and interactive tuch solutions with perfect visual transparency and disruptive feature sets.

Superior writing solution

Enjoy precision writing and annotations on a solution that delivers an accurate representation of our own hand writing.

Object recognition

The intuitive InGlass touch technology easily identifies between pen, finger and palm for a seamless experience.

FlatFrog Whiteboard Win10 Application

Published by: Avocor

Avocor Interactive Displays using InGlass Technology

Published by: Avocor

Avocor F50 series

F50 series Interactive Displays

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Avocor WCD series

Windows collaboration dispaly

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