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Avocor GroupShare

Avocor GroupShare

Avocor GroupShare provides easy and secure one-touch access to Microsoft 365 applications, custom interfaces, the room calendar and videoconferencing. Secure, Fast, Awesome.


One-touch start for any meeting:

Walk-up, select your meeting and go! Instantly videoconference using Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Meet, GoToMeeting and more. 


Integrated Room Calendar:

Access the calendar for the room and you can sign in with your personal Office 365 account to access your schedule.


Wireless Screen Sharing:

Any participant can share their content from a personal device without the need to pass cables or swap dongles, all with the single touch of a button.

Compatible with all devices:

Compatible with devices and safe and secure for all files and networks.


Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 and Avocor GroupShare Select, both offer various integration capabilities and experiences to best suit an enterprise’s unique meeting needs.

Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 comes preconfigured for Microsoft enterprise customers. It features:

  • Microsoft Office 365 authentication
  • Room resource calendar integration
  • One-click accessibility of the Microsoft 365 personal calendar
  • OneDrive access
  • Secure, wireless screen-sharing

Avocor GroupShare Select offers a fully customizable experience, supporting enterprises in the optimization of collaboration and productivity software that they use most. Customized for every client and room.

Avocor GroupShare also simplifies the meeting experience, with built-in support for one-touch conference calls for any UC software, including Microsoft Teams, Meet, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft productivity options for Whiteboarding, Edge, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or other third-party applications.

Avocor GroupShare

– simply the fastest and easiest way to manage meetings. Any device, all UC software. Fast, secure, awesome.