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How to Create Your Inspirational Collaborative Office Space

Dana Corey  

If you are running a business or co-working space, creating the best collaborative office space is going to be top of your priority list. We’ve put together this list of collaborative work space ideas to help you hone in on how to make your office somewhere welcoming and warm.

First, let’s look at the question “what is a collaboration space?” Generally, it is thought of as a building where many employees from different companies work. A collaboration space could also be a co-working space, where freelancers work, who are generally all working on individual projects. 

How do you create a collaboration space? 

After purchasing your office space, you’re going to want to deck it out to create the most welcoming and pleasant space possible. You’ll need to set aside a budget to purchase both sturdy and durable furniture and decorations.You also might want to hire the services of an interior designer to make sure that the design is as professional as possible.

collaborative office space

Let’s dig into some of the best collaboration room ideas to create the most funky and fresh office space, which will inspire more and more people to work collaboratively. 

Add more colour

Colour is incredibly important to create a happy, optimistic space where people are going to want to be working as much as possible. Adding bright tones to the workplace, like yellow or orange, willing make it energising and invigorating. However, you’ll also want to include calming colours, like pastels, to keep the atmosphere balanced and not too brash.

Some popular colours that are used in the workplace include: 

  • Red is an intense colour that raises employee’s energy levels
  • Yellow promotes happiness; however apparently, in large amounts, it increases anger and frustration
  • Blue brings down blood pressure and calms people, so would be ideal for a wellness room
  • Green also has a calming influence
  • Neutral colours are best used along with brighter colours to balance colour tones

Consider painting your office with one of these colour schemes!

Add a dash of plantlife

When wondering “how do I setup a shared office space?”, it’s a great idea to include some plants and greenery. They look good, but there are also plenty of other benefits. Having plants is great for positive mental health: they relieve stress and people feel that they purify the air which can have a placebo effect.

The best office plants include greenery like African Violet, which thrives in the same atmosphere as humans, the cheerful Philodendron, and the easy to maintain Lucky Bamboo.

Think about furniture

Collaborative office space furniture should include large tables which are perfect for communal work, standing tables for people who are doing long stints at the desk, really comfortable chairs which can be adjusted to different heights, and tools like interactive displays. This interactive whiteboard alternative works really well to collaborate with other workers via laptops and tablets.

Create open offices

If you are wondering “how big should my office be?”, the answer is more in the layout, rather than the size. One of the best collaborative space ideas is having open offices, where different teams can share ideas. 

Having an open space really helps the room seem more airy and bright, and eliminates ‘cabin fever’ or the feeling of being trapped in workspaces. Open spaces are the antithesis of 1980s box cubicles, being fresh and new to suit millennials’ expectations in the workplace.

Wellness spaces

When questioning “how to create a collaborative workspace?”, consider adding wellness spaces. These are great places for employees to destress from the anguishes of the workplace. 

Wellness spaces can include all sorts of features to help workers relax. These could be: 

  • Comfy cushions to relax on 
  • Dim lighting to help with a light overload which may be prevalent in an office environment 
  • Yoga mats so employees can do some self guided yoga
  • Massage chairs
  • A library full of self-help books 

Anything to help employees relax works well - ask your employees what they want!

Huddle rooms

One of the best ways to collaborate in offices is to use huddle rooms. These rooms are perfect for teams who are using a coworking space and who want a bit of privacy to make presentations or have impromptu meetings. 

collaborative work space ideas

For these huddle rooms, an interactive display is essential. Teams can use these in a huddle room to perform presentations, which can also be connected to any remote workers’ devices as well.


There are lots of ways you can make your collaborative office space fun, bright and inviting to any teams or freelancers working in the space.

Anything that looks fresh and creative is a good idea, like bright colours and plants, and calming and relaxing elements, such as pastel colours and wellness spaces. 

Using these methods will make you not only have a welcoming space that is amazing for collaboration and hard working, but helps employees destress as well.

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