Elevate organizational efficiency with Avocor: Integrating Montage and RiseVision

Jeff Boggess  

Avocor’s latest firmware update brings with it new capabilities that help work teams increase efficiency and fuel more effective collaboration. With the addition of Montage, users can leverage wireless screen sharing from any device, and get instant access to white-boarding sessions. Rise Vision’s digital signage software helps keep everyone notified, engaged, and alert with dynamic content. Furthermore, we're delighted to announce that this integration is available on our Avocor E 40 Series and L Series displays, with anticipated availability for the G Series later this quarter.


Montage wireless screen sharing ensures seamless, secure, and flexible meetings that easily allow employees and guests to connect to a display, fostering a collaborative and productive environment that addresses varied meeting needs.

More Efficient and Versatile Meetings

Montage allows up to four  users to connect to a display simultaneously, transforming every day meetings into more dynamic interactive sessions that aid effective remote participation.

Robust Security and Guest-Friendly

Secure and user-friendly, Montage  addresses BYOD security concerns with comprehensive encryption and connectivity options.

Cost-Efficient and Future Proof

Montage is a forward-thinking solution that optimizes resource utilization, adapts to various display technologies, and can help reduce travel and overhead costs by making remote meetings more useful and effective.


Rise Vision centralizes communication management, allowing real-time customization of content to ensure cohesive and engaging communication across the organization.

Centralized & Flexible Management

Company-wide information sharing and engagement is easy to achieve with Rise Vision. Organizations can efficiently manage communications across different locations, units and hierarchies.

Enhanced Company Culture & Employee Recognition

By displaying company values, events, and recognitions, Rise Vision fosters a sense of community and enriches the organizational environment.

Broadcast Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Rise Vision enables swift deployment of emergency communications enabling a safer workplace by keeping employees informed and up to date.

Take advantage of the full capabilities the integration of Montage and Rise Vision bring by enhancing and optimizing  your meeting experience and organizational communications. 

Read the full  firmware release notes for the E40 Series version 1.5.0 and L Series AVL-1050-T and L Series AVL-1050-D Version 1.1.3. 

Please note: While Rise Vision is thrilled to make its application accessible on Avocor displays globally, the software is currently optimized for US English. We value our international community and appreciate your understanding as we continuously work to enhance our offerings.

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