Avocor announces new partnership with Diversified

Natalie Harris-Briggs  August 18, 2017

Avocor announced today that Diversified has joined the Avocor partner program as a Platinum partner. Diversified is an industry leader in technology solutions focused on providing and

delivering collaborative and digital media solutions to a global clientele ranging from financial to higher education, enterprise to government, and hospitality to healthcare. Diversified’s team of experts has partnered with customers for decades to provide solutions that enhance their operations, increase their productivity, and help drive ROI.

“Our clients want collaborative environments that imitate the intuitive user experience of smart phones and tablets, and Avocor’s collection of interactive displays provides a compelling solution,” said Tom Spearman, SVP of Diversified’s Advanced Visual Environments division.

Diversified will be focused on promoting the Avocor Open Collaboration Solution, which has been designed to improve collaboration and cross team participation in the modern workplace. With its open architecture, the Avocor interactive display is platform agnostic, which means organizations can create their own, bespoke solutions, tailored to individual business requirements and needs. With a range of sizes, the solution is perfect for every meeting space, from huddle rooms to collaboration zones.

Dana Corey, GM and VP of Sales shares, “Diversified is exactly the right type of partner that Avocor needs to help promote and grow our business in North America and beyond. The team at Diversified are experts in their field, and they have partnered with customers for decades focusing on delivering unrivalled solutions, I am delighted to welcome them to the Avocor partner community.”

About Diversified

Diversified is an industry leader in custom solutions and managed services for a broad spectrum of media delivery challenges. They specialize in the use of technology for complex and scalable professional broadcast, corporate communications, experiential design and digital signage networks that provide businesses with the enhanced capability of creating, managing and monetizing original digital content.

For more information, visit www.diversifiedus.com

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