Avocor announces strategic partnership with the Tablet Academy

Natalie Harris-Briggs  October 19, 2016

We are delighted to confirm our partnership with Tablet Academy, a platform agnostic organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the integration of new technologies.

By providing a range of services including consultancy, teacher training and student events, their core services focus on classroom delivery and the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. We immediately recognised the exceptional work that the Tablet Academy do in providing on-going support focused on the use of technology in the classroom
and felt the partnership was a natural fit for Avocor and our product strategy, to provide technology which enables teachers to focus on teaching rather than learning complex and in-depth software programmes. With an embedded Microsoft Windows 10 PC, the Avocor F series offers a user interface which is instantly recognisable and easy to use, teachers will be able to access Microsoft office programmes like OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel straight from the panel and open a world of educational apps such as Minecraft and Kodu for more complex curriculum activities such as computer coding.

The Avocor F series ships with Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass™ technology, a unique and revolutionary technology which offers users a responsive, smooth and intelligent touch with enhanced accuracy. The screen also recognises pen, finger or palm and allows annotation directly into Microsoft and Adobe Acrobat programmes with no interference from ambient light.

The Tablet Academy will have an Avocor F-6510 is installed at their learning zone in Telford where visitors to the centre will have the opportunity to experience the fantastic features of the F series for themselves.

For more information about the Tablet Academy, visit www.tablet-academy.com

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