Avocor and PSNI Global Alliance Enter Preferred Vendor Partnership

Natalie Harris-Briggs  March 2, 2023

(Tulsa, Oklahoma 28.02.2023) PSNI Global Alliance, the largest global network of premier technology integrators and service providers in the world, is delighted to announce Avocor as its latest Global Preferred Vendor Partner (PVP) – reinforcing PSNI’s vendor offering with a comprehensive portfolio and knowledge of collaborative display solutions.

A globally recognized technology leader in collaboration technology, Avocor provides solutions that allow people to come together easily, in-person or remotely, efficiently, and effectively. Specializing in Corporate, Education and Public Sector markets, its solutions are designed to be fully compliant with today’s communication software and hardware including Google, Zoom, Microsoft, Logitech, HP and Lenovo.

With this new partnership, Avocor has become a global strategic manufacturing partner of The Alliance, granting access to its Certified Solution Providers (CSPs) to pursue new market opportunities and enable worldwide, standardized solutions for their customers.

“This is a great partnership for us," said Dana Corey SVP and GM at Avocor. “PSNI’s mantra for excellent practice and the highest operational standards echoes our own and we are excited to introduce Avocor to PSNI’s network of CSPs and help them deliver world-class solutions to their customers.”

PSNI Global Alliance boasts a global network of integrators, known as Certified Solution Provicers (CSPs) and Vendors from across the AV/IT and UCC spectrum. PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Partners (PVP) – of which Avocor is now a part of – connects manufacturers with CSPs to jointly pursue market opportunities by enabling Vendors to design programs in sync with PSNI CSPs.

“We are delighted to welcome Avocor to the PSNI Global Alliance lineup,” said Tom Roberts, director of vendor programs for PSNI Global Alliance. “Partnership is a core component of The Alliance and Avocor has a solid reputation for innovation, service and technical support.  Its comprehensive range of collaborative displays and bespoke solutions are a perfect addition to our Preferred Vendor portfolio, and we look forward to a strong, productive and enjoyable partnership.”

All vendors are pre-screened by PSNI’s CSPs to ensure that only the best technology providers are represented in The Alliance. Customers who engage with The Alliance are assured seamless installation and support, benefitting from the collective expertise of PSNI’s CSPs and vendors alike.

To learn more about PSNI Global Alliance, the PVP program or how PSNI can enable its customers worldwide please visit www.psni.org.

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