Avocor enhances teamwork on a global scale with the debut of the first Windows collaboration displays

Natalie Harris-Briggs  September 24, 2018

Avocor, the world's fastest growing display solution company, today introduced the first Windows collaboration displays featuring the world’s most advanced touchscreen technologies to enhance and accelerate teamwork. The new collaboration displays are fully compatible with Windows 10 and deliver the power and productivity of Microsoft 365 at room scale. Most importantly, they offer a first-ever single-cable solution that solves the frustrating and often time-consuming problem of connecting devices and people in meetings. The new Windows collaboration displays by Avocor make it simple for teams to connect in a huddle space, across the conference table or even across the globe, allowing them to work together seamlessly and get more done. The first Windows collaboration displays by Avocor will ship in December, 2018.

Collaboration is Critical to Business Success and the Right Tools are Paramount

Teamwork in the workplace stimulates creativity, engagement and innovation. In fact, teamwork yields better, faster results as well as a cohesive office environment. Unfortunately, while companies and employees aspire to collaborate more closely, optimum teamwork is rarely achieved. One of the biggest hurdles is simply a lack of the tools necessary to connect people and their devices seamlessly – allowing them to share, save and store important information easily. Another reason is that technology can be intimidating to many people, stifling collaboration and creativity. Finally, there is often a great deal of wasted time connecting people and devices to displays, to the internet and to power before meetings even start so collaboration on a global scale fails to reach peak potential.

Windows collaboration displays by Avocor address all these issues with simple, seamless and fast solutions. For example, Avocor and Microsoft worked together to create a single-cable solution that immediately and intelligently connects a Windows 10 PC to the display. It allows for immediate control of the camera and mic for video and audio, as well as providing hard-wire Ethernet connection and power to the laptop. No more struggling with cycling through the source, searching through a sea of connection cables or ports, bringing power cables to meetings or struggling with WiFi and passwords. What used to take 10 minutes and cause undue stress and distraction is now a seamless single-cable connection that takes seconds.

“The new Windows collaboration displays by Avocor will make teamwork easier and more efficient by making it possible for people to extend their PC experience and applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Teams and Whiteboard to a large interactive display that has been designed from the onset to be fully compatible and easy to use.” said Ruston Panabaker, Vice President IoT solutions, Microsoft. “We are thrilled that our customers will be able to start using Avocor’s innovative Windows collaboration displays later this year.”

Windows collaboration displays designed and built by Avocor combine crisp 4K resolution with 20-point touch to offer exceptionally responsive and pixel-perfect touch, pen and inking capabilities that enable people to easily use all Microsoft 365 collaboration tools – from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams – at room scale, all backed by the intelligent Azure cloud.

Windows collaboration displays by Avocor feature integrated AV with a premium conference camera, stereo speakers, far-field microphones, fine-tipped stylus with eraser, and will easily connect to any PC via a single Type C cable. The cable transmits 4K video, touch, USB control, internet and power for fast, frustration-free use. Smart switching makes multiple-user collaboration fast and simple. In addition to being teamwork devices, Windows collaboration displays from Avocor also include built-in sensors that connect to Azure Digital Twins, so facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time adjustments and future room and investment planning.

“Avocor and Microsoft are working together to enhance collaboration in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, offices and more,” said Scott Hix, CEO Avocor. “The Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are intuitive and as easy to use as a tablet or touch-screen PC, perform flawlessly, and seamlessly enable the Microsoft 365 experience for accelerated collaboration.”

The Windows collaboration displays by Avocor are on display at Microsoft Ignite in the Microsoft Pavilion in The Expo at the Orange County Convention Center. The 65-inch AVW-6555 Windows collaboration display by Avocor will ship in December 2018 and is available globally for $6,995 USD (£5,400 Pound Sterling; €6,200 Euro) MSRP. Additional sizes will be announced early in 2019.

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