Avocor X Series

Avocor Unveils Game-Changing X Series: Redefining Large-Format Display Technology with Ease of Installation and Stunning Visuals

Alexis Sabatini  February 13, 2024

Wilsonville, OR, Feb 13th, 2024 – Avocor, a leader in interactive display solutions, has introduced the X Series, a striking advance in large-format LED display technology. The X Series sets new standards for ease of installation, versatility, and visual excellence. Engineered to captivate, the X Series is a statement display that commands attention in any setting, from high-end corporate environments to engaging retail spaces.

Unlike traditional setups that rely on multiple pieces of hardware like projectors and screens, the X Series offers a singular, seamless display solution. This unified approach eliminates the common complications of deployment associated with multi-component systems, providing a streamlined, elegant visual experience.

Simplifying Installation, Enhancing Brightness

With two size options available, 132” (21:9) and 138” (16:9), the Avocor X Series combines practicality and performance to redefine the possibilities of large-scale visual displays. The X Series is powered by a robust built-in processor, which further enhances the innovative features from the company’s established and expansive portfolio of commercial displays.

Whereas traditional large format displays face logistical challenges in installation, especially in buildings with size constraints, the X Series innovates with its tiled video wall approach, addressing the challenge of installing large displays in varied spaces. This modular design simplifies installation and ensures a consistently well-lit, bright, large display. It's an ideal solution for environments where lighting conditions are critical to the viewing experience.

“We are thrilled to announce another product category to our portfolio,” said Scott Hix, CEO of Avocor. “With the X Series, we're redefining a large-format display. It's not just about showing content; it's about creating an unforgettable visual experience that wows every audience. Its ability to deliver large-scale, high-quality visual content makes it an ideal choice for areas where an impactful display and active audience engagement are essential.”

The Avocor X Series incorporates cutting-edge design features to enhance user experience, including:

● Integrated Display: Reduces the need for external devices, ensuring high performance.

● Front USB-C Port: Offers convenient connectivity options for modern devices, enhancing user accessibility.

● Ultra-Slim Screen: At only 31mm thick, it provides a sleek and modern look, ideal for space-saving installations.

● High Integration Design: Ensures that the system is not reliant on complex external devices, offering a streamlined user experience.

● Adaptive Brightness: Automatically adjusts screen brightness to suit ambient light conditions, ensuring optimal viewing comfort.

● Simple Wall Mounting Installation: Easy-connecting tiles allow quick and straightforward wall mounting, saving installation time.

● Mobile Stand Installation Option: Provides flexibility in positioning and movement, suitable for dynamic workspaces or temporary setups.

The Avocor X Series will be available globally in Q2 2024 and marks another significant leap forward in Avocor’s evolving product portfolio. The X Series is a testament to innovative engineering and user-friendly design, making it the perfect addition to modern working and learning environments.

For more information, please visit https://www.avocor.com/products/x-series

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