Decomo install Avocor interactive displays

Decomo installs a solid solution from Avocor

Natalie Harris-Briggs  June 26, 2023

Decomo SA is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high-end architectural precast concrete solutions for all types of building and construction project. The company is headquartered in Mouscron, Belgium with an additional office in London, England. There are over 200 employees located in the factory in Mouscron where manufacturing and design takes place and a 14-member team, consisting of specialist sales engineers and project and site managers, based in London. With over 40 successful years in business, the company is a leader in its field and the specialist in bespoke building facades.

During the upheaval of the pandemic, and the subsequent changes wrought to traditional ways of working, the company recognised the shortcomings of its existing meeting room technology. Deciding to upgrade, Decomo worked with ConXioN, a workplace technology consultancy, also based in Belgium, to upgrade two meeting rooms with new technology including interactive Avocor displays.

One of the first challenges for Decomo was to identify the type of AV system that could effectively replace its existing projector and screen, while also delivering tangible improvements in productivity and convenience. The company employs several technical engineering specialists who produce detailed CAD drawings of the company’s creations. Many feasibility and planning discussions are held between members of the team, with drawings and sketches shared during these meetings to aid project decision making. The new solution would need to replace the existing system while adding additional functionality that would be useful and intuitive for staff to use.

ConXioN invited Decomo to its Experience Centre located on a technology park in Waregem, Belgium. The Experience Centre allows Decomo to showcase different technology solutions for existing and potential customers who can then learn about the available systems, products and services in an interactive way.

Bram Verstraete, Solution Advisor of ConXioN commented: “The world of work has changed over the last couple of years; remote working, hybrid working and new types of meeting room, have all been enabled through new technology solutions. We find that having an Experience Centre allows us to demonstrate the most up-to-date technological solutions and provides the ideal environment for customers to get hands-on experience with the equipment. This process helps our clients identify the most suitable solutions for their circumstances and help them appreciate and get familiar with the benefits that can be delivered."

On the first visit, ConXioN organized a demonstration of three different solutions for the Decomo team to preview. The favourite set-up featured the Avocor Ultra HD LED G-Series with interactive touchscreen. On the second visit a ConXioN set up a Microsoft Teams call between the Experience Centre and the Decomo office. This allowed the team to test out the solution in a real-world scenario. The demonstration confirmed the Avocor AVG-8560 and AVG-7560 as the favoured displays, with Decomo team identifying three features that stood out:

• Quality of the display and finish
• BYOD capabilities
• Connectivity options

Part of the Avocor G Series, the AVG-8560 / AVG-7560 offer a 60% increase in brightness over comparative interactive displays. In addition to this, the anti-glare glass ensures the displays shine bright and clear even in the lightest of rooms. The BYOD capability allows Decomo staff to connect their own devices (such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to the displays to share content, collaborate on projects, or access information. The displays also features a Type-C USB that connects a laptop to each display via a single cable, to deliver 4K video, audio, and USB touch.

Decomo has the AVG-7560 installed in ‘Wren’ a medium-sized room and the AVG-8560 in ‘Corbusier’ a large meeting room. Each display is integrated with a premium USB video bar with built-in mic, audio, and camera. Wireless screen sharing and casting is also possible for internal and external users and superior quality cabling options for hard-wired use. The result is a more immersive, interactive, and collaborative design experience with a more informed decision-making process. Furthermore, the company has seen a reduction in travelling between the Belgian and UK offices – an (initially) unforeseen bonus.

Frank Verzelen, IT Manager at Decomo says, “We have six meeting rooms and only two equipped with Avocor displays. I can definitely say, those two are our busiest and very much in-demand!”

By working with ConXioN and choosing Avocor displays, Decomo has vastly improved its meeting room experience, overcome a number of potential challenges in their design processes and achieved significant staff satisfaction results. This demonstrates the importance of working with a trusted supplier and investing in the best large interactive displays available: Avocor.

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