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Quicklaunch 4.0 introduces the ability to use both Exchange and Google Calendar to create your choice of meeting rooms. Create meetings using Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and many more that not only supports your preferred meeting platform but can host meetings from the multiple vendors.

The Quicklaunch™ application is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any PC into a one-click meeting space.

Quicklaunch Supports Over 30 Conferencing Providers for One Touch Join including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco Spark, WebEx, Blue Jeans, Lifesize, Go To Meeting, Google Hangouts, and more.

Create an Interactive Meeting Room Experience with the ability to join multiple types of meetings, start applications, launch websites, access your data, share devices and more.


    Quicklaunch Meeting Manager

Meeting Control for Skype for Business & Zoom enables Quicklaunch to determine the type of meeting it is and starts the appropriate controls.

  Meeting Check-In

Check-in to your meeting to ensure rooms are being utilised efficiently. If a scheduled meeting has not been joined, a warning is displayed enabling the room to be freed up. Administrators can choose to have the meeting cancelled in Exchange after a specified time or not attended.

    one click to start

Join meetings, start applications, launch websites, access your data and content or share device screens, all at the touch of a button

    Extended functionality

Including Camera control, tabletop touch display console, wired HDMI device input, wireless device input, USE device choices, one-touch Skype integration

  System Check-In

For security measures, when the meeting room is not in use the Quicklaunch system is locked and will display the room's calendar. To start your meeting, walk up to the display and simply enter your credentials or code to use the application.

    Enhanced Action Tiles and events

Launch applications, URLs, Mail, Files and more straight from single action tiles which are completely configurable. With Quicklaunch 4.0 you can connect Actions to Actions,  create Actions without user interfaces and connect Quicklaunch Lifecycle Events to Actions. The enhanced Dock view Toolbar is now able to be customised

    Customisable user interface

The interface for both Flat and Tabbed view are completely customisable including logos, colours and fonts, backgrounds and images.

    Calendar integration and Room reset functionality

Rest the room or lock down the screen with the touch of a button. You also have the option to extend the Room Reset and book the room if it is available from the calendar