Avocor partners with Logitech to Launch CollabTouch™ Interactive Room Solution

Natalie Harris-Briggs  October 11, 2022

Avocor announces a new partnership with Logitech to expand interactive video collaboration capabilities to meeting spaces of all sizes.

Wilsonville, Oregon, October 11, 2022 - Avocor, one of the fastest-growing interactive display and video conferencing companies, has announced the launch of its new CollabTouch™ interactive room collaboration solution. CollabTouch fuses the interactive power of Avocor E and G series displays with the collaborative strength of Logitech meeting room peripherals. The result is an all-in-one technology solution that delivers equitable, interactive, virtual meeting experiences regardless of room sizes.

“The current popularity of hybrid working has made team collaboration the foundation of ongoing business success,” says Dana Corey, SVP and GM at Avocor. “For this reason, having a meeting room equipped to deliver a great experience for remote and in-person attendees is essential for full participant engagement. Our new CollabTouch solution powered by Logitech video collaboration room kits makes choosing the right hardware simple – the individual packages can be customized to any environment, and each works seamlessly with the software application of choice.”

While current all-in-one display solutions can be tempting, they can also be limiting, lack the best performance possible, and, as one size, doesn’t always fit all. Together, Avocor and Logitech’s modular interactive video collaboration solution offers the flexibility to tailor display installation to the specifications of each room. That commitment to customisation powers CollabTouch and enables teams to take a nimbler approach to set up meeting spaces.

The freedom to repurpose gear and swap components without replacing the entire room kit extends the value of Avocor and Logitech’s joint solution. And because a single cable powers CollabTouch, the solution can be easily deployed in a wide range of spaces. This allows end-users to migrate, rearrange, or modify hardware to make the most of any space.

“It’s challenging to make brainstorming equitable for everyone when a significant portion of the team is remote," said Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-to-market at Logitech. "Our integration with CollabTouch offers a flexible and simple solution to address this need, and our long-standing partnership with Avocor simplifies the use and deployment of interactive collaboration solutions in meeting spaces.”

Organizations can select from seven room configurations, depending on room size. Each configuration is supported with an Avocor E or G Series display and includes Logitech Rally Bar for medium/large rooms or Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small/medium rooms. Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are all-in-one video bars that easily attach and connect to the Avocor display via a proprietary, unified cable, including HDMI, USB and Ethernet connectivity, and mount to the CollabTouch display. The joint solution supports all popular UC platforms.

Designed for deployment at scale, Logitech’s Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini feature optical zoom and an AI Viewfinder to deliver fluid, 4k cinematic video in small, medium, and large rooms. Users also benefit from advanced audio engineering that provides robust, room-filling sound and AI sound optimization that ensures every voice is heard. RightSight 2 auto-framing technology offers multiple viewing options to highlight the active speaker or capture everyone in the room, creating a more equitable meeting experience for everyone in the meeting.

Easy to use and easy to install, Avocor CollabTouch and Logitech Video Collaboration provide an exceptional out-of-the-box collaboration solution suitable for every meeting room. Reach out to your Avocor reseller for more information or visit Avocor.com to book a demo of CollabTouch. CollabTouch will be available in North America at the end of October, in Europe and UK at the end of November and in all other regions in early 2023.

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