Avocor L series - Ultrawide 21:9 touch and non-touch displays

Avocor expands product focus with the strategic addition into a new category of displays.

Natalie Harris-Briggs  October 3, 2022

Avocor announces the launch of two new, Ultrawide 21:9 displays, expanding the Avocor product portfolio to enhance team communication and engagement - the L series.

Wilsonville, Oregon, October 3rd, 2022 – Avocor, one of the fastest-growing collaboration display companies globally, announced today the launch of the L series, a new range of Ultrawide 21:9 displays. With two models available in the range (touch and non-touch), the L series has been designed to meet the distinct challenges facing hybrid working in the modern workspace. The emergence of new user experiences expanded interfaces, and infinite canvas solutions from various collaboration providers have created greater demand for expanded visual display solutions that enable their 21:9 screen ratio design elements. Solutions like Microsoft Teams Room new Front Row experience utilize the 21:9 ratio to deliver a more holistic meeting experience by using the additional screen real estate to serve up new video layouts and non-verbal components available within their room application.

“Our vision for the L series was to expand our display portfolio in a format to include options that offer a much richer and more engaging experience, perfect for hybrid working,” says Scott Hix, CEO of Avocor. “As UC platforms continue to develop their proposition, we expect that the requirement for Ultrawide visual displays will start to accelerate and that demand for reliable brands offering superior, high-quality performance will increase.”

The L series comprises two 105” displays, each beautifully designed in brushed aluminium to perfectly complement even the most prestigious corporate environment. Each version delivers stunning 5K image resolution and graphics, increasing image detail and drawing accuracy. This incredible capability is combined with the unique 21:9 aspect ratio to give additional screen width and hugely increase each display’s usable area. Thin, chemically strengthened glass with an anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating is optically bonded directly to the LCD to give the best color and contrast reproduction possible.

The L series represents Avocor’s continued focus on enabling collaborative environments with state-of-the-art display solutions purpose-built to activate features designed for new hybrid workspace experiences. The physical design aesthetic of the new L series sets itself apart from other products in the Ultrawide display category. This unique combination of embedded technology and physical design offers Avocor’s customers and partners a foundational solution ready to take on the burgeoning area of Ultrawide application design.

Avocor will showcase the L series at ISE 2023 with product shipping by Q1 2023.

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