Partner news - IMPIANTI S.p.A

Natalie Harris-Briggs  January 30, 2020

IMPIANTI S.p.A offers a wide range of services spanning voice, data, infrastructure & video with a 28-year history of providing enterprise clients with solutions and technologies that help businesses grow and will be offering the complete range of Avocor interactive solutions that are designed to enhance communication and collaboration in the place.

We are incredibly excited to start working with IMPIANTI S.p.A, they understand the importance of collaboration and how it can transform businesses which is the core ethos of what Avocor stand for. Italy is an important country for Avocor expansion in 2020 and the Avocor team are extremely confident that IMPIANTI S.p.A will help us achieve our aggressive growth goals.

Simone Lo Russo, CEO of IMPIANTI S.p.A., says that the aim of IMPIANTI, as a Business Developer, is to provide high-level services and innovative technologies and has found in Avocor the perfect match to achieve his goal. Supplying Avocor interactive screens and large format display reconfirms the quality and reliability of the goods that IMPIANTI offers to his customers. That's why, from now on, IMPIANTI S.p.A and Avocor have become business partners. 

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