Partner news - ITM AB

Natalie Harris-Briggs  April 17, 2020

GPA partner ITM is a technology partner based in Sweden who are passionate about the modern workplace, specifically around creating stimulating meeting environments that inspire collaboration.

Glenn Wastyn, VP EMEA “ITM understands that the environments inspire collaboration and that technology is a significant contributor to collaboration, not a barrier. It’s this ethos that aligns ITM perfectly with the Avocor brand and one that will drive success for both parties.”

Johan Kinnerfors, CEO, ITM “The collaboration with Avocor enables us to offer our clients professional interactive solutions for meetings and presentations. The combination of interactivity and collaboration in web conferences is a good work tool in today's workplaces. As Avocor is a GPA technology partner, this means that multinational customers can be offered the same solutions at all their sites around the world.

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