SBB Kompetenz (SBB) modernises teaching standards with Avocor interactive displays

Natalie Harris-Briggs  July 22, 2021

SBB Kompetenz (SBB) is an independent, co-educational competences centre with 11 locations around the City of Hamburg, Germany. With over 180 professionals covering a broad range of services in further & adult education, SBB delivers opportunities in various fields like engineering, business administration, education and more.

In 2021, the establishment started an initiative to refresh their classroom technology with the latest solutions to modernise teaching standards and increase the level of interactivity between teachers and students. Following a faculty wide survey, the overwhelming desire was to improve the ability to collaborate over distance and enable students to contribute to lesson activities in real-time, from within the classroom and remotely. The academy also wanted to deliver solutions that worked seamlessly with different media platforms and extended Microsoft Teams platform into lessons.

“When we started the upgrade project, we were looking for a solution that was highly functional and enabled us to increase the levels of collaboration and communication. Our criteria centred on the solution being intuitive, easy
to use and completely open, meaning it would operate seamlessly with other hardware devices and not use proprietary software.” accentuated Urs Johann Theissen, digitalization expert.

“Introduced to us by our partner Dekom, we immediately recognised the benefit of the Avocor proposition and their agnostic approach. We particularly valued the partnership with Microsoft and the collaboration capabilities with Microsoft O365 and Teams that it enabled.”

SBB Hamburg deployed 18 Avocor AVF 75” displays with Avocor OPS compute solutions in 2021 and have already
started to see the benefits.

“Our staff and students have been incredibly enthusiastic about the Avocor displays. The solutions are incredibly
flexible, which has streamlined our approach to delivering remote and face-to-face classes through the pandemic.
We have also seen a dramatic increase in the use of 4K video and web content in lessons, which has made classes
more engaging and interactive. Teachers love increased lesson productivity by using the Avocor solution in
conjunction with their Microsoft suite and capturing lessons inside a whiteboard file and saving immediately
to the cloud as a digital record of every class.” said Urs Johann Theissen.

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