Avocor Displays Transform Collaboration at LaGuardia Gateway Partners

Isabel Oro-Campos  May 30, 2024

LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP) is the manager and developer of the new award-winning, state-of-the-art Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York City. LGP is composed of Vantage Airport Group and Meridiam for development and equity investment, with Vantage Airport Group leading the terminal management. The company aims to foster a culture of continuous learning and collaboration among its employees, and its suite of meeting and training rooms are invaluable tools in this process.


However, in 2022, the company realised its existing meeting room technology was a roadblock to achieving these goals. The existing AV system presented significant challenges, particularly when it came to facilitating remote participation in meetings and training sessions. This unreliability not only hindered staff productivity, but also impeded overall employee engagement in meetings and training sessions. This combination of factors negatively impacted LGP's ability to conduct productive training sessions or meetings, and ultimately overall business efficiency.


In search of a solution to completely overhaul its meeting and training room experience, LGP partnered with IT provider CDW. After a thorough evaluation process, the company opted to deploy Avocor G Series interactive displays across its suite of rooms. These premium displays boast several key features that directly addressed LGP's challenges.

The 4K UHD display delivers a crisp and clear picture, and the interactive touchscreen features 20-point InGlass™ touch technology to allow multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. The sleek, bezel-less design while being stylish, also minimizes the frame around the display, creating a more immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, the integrated high-quality speakers provide clear audio for video conferencing, presentations and meetings. With its size, high resolution, and interactive features, the G Series is ideal for collaborative meetings and brainstorming.

In fact, all Avocor displays at LGP feature a user-friendly, interactive interface that simplifies collaboration and streamlines the meeting setup process – an important new benefit for LGP. There is now no need for any complex configurations, as with the old system, which has allowed employees to focus on the content and interaction at hand. For example, joining remote sessions is now a seamless experience: users can effortlessly initiate remote sessions with a single click or touch on a calendar invite. This new feature has ensured smooth participation for both in-person and remote attendees and has really kickstarted a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

Avocor has built a reputation as a leader in innovation for display technology. Its team of engineers is consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible by developing cutting-edge display solutions that meet the evolving needs of today's businesses and institutions. For example, with features such as intuitive touchscreens, first-class image quality, and seamless collaboration possibilities, Avocor prioritises user experience. The company also understands the need for in-built versatility, so its displays integrate seamlessly with the software and hardware ecosystems used in different workspaces. Also, it stays at the forefront of display technology by incorporating technology advances that ensure unmatched reliability, strong return on investment, and a long product life cycle.

The Avocor displays have received enthusiastic feedback from LGP employees and time previously wasted on wrestling with technology is now productively spent on other work. The improved meeting room experience has led to a surge in requests to utilise these spaces. This demonstrates a clear shift in employee sentiment towards collaboration and highlights the positive impact the Avocor displays have had on employee engagement. In short, the user-friendly design and seamless functionality have demonstrably improved the collaboration experience, fostering a more dynamic and productive work environment at the company.

“Everyone at LGP is really pleased that we have moved to Avocor displays,” says Mo Jean-Louis, Head of IT at LGP. “The interactive screen, whiteboarding functions and other features are a real step up from our previous system. It was a great move to go with a premium display like the L Series and we’ve not looked back since making the switch.”

LGP's success story with the Avocor displays extends beyond their initial deployment. Recognizing the significant positive impact on collaboration, LGP have since installed another Avocor display in its Queens headquarters. This further underscores LGP's commitment to a collaborative and dynamic work environment where information sharing and innovation can thrive.

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