The Connor Group Streamlines Collaboration with Avocor Technology

Isabel Oro-Campos  May 15, 2024

The Connor Group is a real estate investment firm in Dayton, Ohio. Specializing  in luxury apartments across the United States, the company is well known for its impressive property portfolio, and  innovative and award-winning headquarters building.  This unique property features an impressive two-storey atrium and expansive skylight, within an extraordinary design, that embodies the company's commitment to setting high standards and achieving excellence in everything it does.

Faced with workforce growth, The  Connor Group recently embarked on an ambitious headquarters renovation. Their vision encompassed adding several new office spaces, an advanced meeting and conference room, and a state-of-the-art and inviting lobby, all of which required cutting-edge technology solutions.


The Technology Operations team at The  Connor Group had several  critical criteria for their project: firstly, to find an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective videowall-type solution for the lobby space. However, in addition, they also needed to find a large format display brand that could effectively cover a variety of demands:

  • Adapt to various meeting spaces
  • Contribute to and enhance the internal app development process
  • Double as an information/signage solution
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation among staff


Following a comprehensive evaluation of available solutions from various leading brands, Connor Group selected Avocor L Series and G Series displays for three main reasons: The intuitive touchscreens offer user-friendly interaction to foster productive collaboration; the high-resolution video quality delivers crisp visuals for presentations and video conferencing and ensures clear communication and engagement; and not least, the impressive contribution the in-built interactivity functions could make to the company’s app development efforts. The in-house app development teams have been able to leverage screen mirroring to showcase work-in-progress on a large scale directly to the executive team. This particular function has fostered deeper collaboration, facilitated valuable feedback opportunities and accelerated the app development process.

For Ethan Watson, Director of Technology Operations at The  Connor Group, the screen-mirroring was a key feature for the team: “Being able to test their apps on a larger screen has proved to be a really useful tool for our development team.  Now, they can see how apps will look and function on different devices, while simultaneously using their phone or tablet to interact with the app on the larger display. The team can use screen mirroring to display apps to potential investors or clients to get feedback on the app's design and functionality.”

A 105-inch L Series display serves as the centerpiece for the main reception area. The technology operations team was  impressed by the look and finish of the product – which, very importantly - fits in with the stylish design scheme of the company headquarters. Mobile carts equipped with 65-inch G Series displays offer remarkable adaptability, catering to various meeting space  needs. Strategically placed 75-inch G Series displays in other rooms standardize  the setup across all conference spaces, eliminating the need for separate system training, which saves valuable time and resources and ensures a consistent user experience.

In addition, outdated TVs have been replaced with versatile Avocor displays for presentations, company announcements, and video conferences which now come alive with engaging visuals to capture the attention and foster information dissemination within the company. An intuitive whiteboard feature helps fuel brainstorming sessions and real-time collaboration, promoting a culture of open communication and shared ideas.


The implementation of Avocor's G Series displays yielded many benefits for Connor Group, including improved collaboration and engagement, enhanced productivity and increased staff satisfaction. Looking ahead, the company is working on a large, interactive map to display information and data from various remote company locations. It is envisioned that a 65-inch G Series will be utilized for this purpose.

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