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Avocor Windows collaboration display

The Windows collaboration display by Avocor is the world’s first display to be certified for Microsoft Teams, enabling increased productivity for everyone in the meeting. Ideal for focus rooms, the WCD by Avocor makes it simple for team members to connect and collaborate seamlessly and delivers the power of Office 365 and Teams at room scale. Featuring built-in loT Digital Twins sensors, the WCD by Avocor measures environmental data that can be analyzed, in real-time, offering a simple way to gain valuable analysis about meeting room utilization.

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Single cable solution
The single Type-C cable solution delivers a frustration-free-user experience to get meetings started quickly and simply. Smart switching ensures that there is no more struggling to find input sources. The cable provides hardwire ethernet connection and powers the connected device at the same time. When the device leaves the room, so does the on-screen content.
Conference grade camera and speakers
Connect and engage with colleagues regardless of location through the integrated, conference-grade camera and stereo speakers. The active, far-field microphone array allows the display to connect with a variety of UC based softwares, delivering the ultimate video collaboration environment for the focus room.
Microsoft Teams certified
Microsoft Teams certification ensures that teams productivity is elevated to new heights with files, conversations, tools and contacts that originate on a team member’s desktop and can be easily synced and shared via the WCD through Microsoft Teams, allowing for a truly frictionless work experience.
Azure Digital Twins certified
Built-in Azure Digital Twins sensors that connect to Azure loT Digital Twins platform, measuring environmental data such as room temperature and ambient light, enabling real-time adjustments and future room planning.
Front of display controls
Front of display control buttons allow for instant control to the display and includes a dedicated Windows key to access documents stored on the connected device quickly and easily.

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