Google Meet Series One

Google EDU Jamboard Replacement Program

All EDU institutions which have purchased any quantity of Jamboards are eligible - get your free Google Board 65 by Avocor today!
Google Series One from Avocor
  • Google Meet Series One Board 65 and Avocor


Google EDU customers that have previously purchased a Jamboard will be compensated for their purchase and commitment to Google. This compensation is being provided in the form of a free Google Meet Board 65 by Avocor, a product specifically designed as a Google Meet Hardware device.

How it works - 2 easy steps

Google and Avocor have worked together to make this a streamlined process so you can quickly take advantage of this offer before the Google Jamboard sunsets on Oct. 1, 2024
Google Jamboard Replacement Program

Step 1

If you haven’t done so yet, please complete a claim with Google.
Claim with Google

Step 2

Complete the Avocor fulfillment form with your Google approval code and delivery details.
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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Claim process

  • Eligibility: All EDU institutions which purchased any quantity of Jamboards are eligible for the Jamboard replacement program. For each Jamboard purchased, EDU institutions are eligible for replacement with a Board 65 on a one for one basis.
  • Where do I start? Avocor has a specific page on its website outlining the program from end to end. The first step is completing a claim with Google here.
  • Proof of purchase: At the time of the purchase of your Jamboard(s), you also acquired a perpetual license for each device. If each Jamboard was enrolled in Google Admin Console and continues to be enrolled, that is sufficient proof of purchase. If a Jamboard has since been unenrolled, you are asked to provide the serial numbers for those devices for verification with Google.
  • Approvals: Each claim will be evaluated for completeness and accuracy. For Jamboard claims of 5 units or less, the approval period is within 24 hours. For Jamboard claims of greater than 5 units, the approval period is within 5 business days. You will receive an email from Google with either an approval or request for additional information.


2. Logistics

  • Upon approval of your claim, you will be asked to complete the Logistics form on the Avocor website here. Your submission will include all of the necessary information so that Avocor can complete your Board 65 fulfillment.
  • Configuration: For each Board 65 replacement, you may choose to receive the Board 65 with a wall mount or rolling stand at no charge. The wall mount is unique to Board 65, but will generally replace a wall-mounted Jamboard and its mount with ease. The rolling stand is also optimized specifically for the Board 65, and is easy to install and attach to your new Board 65.
  • Shipments: For destinations in the US, UK, EU, Japan and Australia, ground shipping is included at no charge to your preferred destination.
    • For shipments to Honduras, these may be picked up in Miami. You will be responsible directly for shipping logistics from Miami and the remaining shipping costs, taxes and duties.
    • For shipments to Thailand, these will be fulfilled from Taiwan. You will be responsible directly for these shipping costs, taxes and duties.
    • Arrival date: Avocor will make every effort to meet your requested arrival date, however fulfillment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Arrival window: To minimize disruption and shipment refusals, we ask that you specify the time windows where shipments may be received.
    • Backlogs: In the event of a fulfillment backlog, your customer success manager with Avocor will reach out to you to reschedule at the next possible date.
    • Receipt: Please ensure you have the necessary storage space to receive the shipment of the Board 65 devices, rolling carts and/or wall mounts. * Avocor requires a proof of delivery which the carrier will have the recipient sign. These are shipped on a pallet in one of the following configurations:
      • Up to 3 Board 65 / pallet (519 lbs, 52”H x 30”W x 74”L)
      • Up to 4 Rolling Carts / pallet (366 lbs, 49”H x 41”W x 48”L)
      • Up to 20 Wall Mounts / pallet (346 lbs, 44.5”H x 30”W x 48”L)
      • Mixed configurations for small quantities may be provided (i.e. 1 Board 65 and 1 Rolling Cart / pallet)
  • Jamboard disposition: Unless you have already made other arrangements for your Jamboard(s), Avocor provides information on the proper e-waste disposal of your Jamboards here.
  • Board 65 installation: These quick-start guides and unboxing videos are available for your review and use:


3. Licensing & Google Admin console

  • Jamboard and GMH licensing comparison:
    • Each Jamboard required a $600 US perpetual license for EDU institutions. This enabled the Google Jamboard application and Google Meet. Existing Jamboard licensing will sunset with the Jamboard hardware AUE (auto-update expiration) on Oct 1, 2024.
    • All GMH (Google Meet Hardware) devices, including the Board 65 require a $250 US / year license. Google will provide the first year GMH license at no cost to EDU institutions which replace their Jamboard with a Board 65. Subsequent renewals may be purchased from your preferred reseller or from Google’s self-serve portal.
  • Jamboard application sunset: The Jamboard application will enter a read-only mode effective Oct 1, 2024 and no more edits may be made to existing Google Jams. Effective Dec 31, 2024 access to previously created Google Jams will end. More information can be found here.
  • Jamboard device sunset:  The Jamboard device will also reach AUE effective Oct 1, 2024. Access to Jamboard devices will no longer be possible from Google Admin console. More information can be found here.


4. Whiteboard alternatives for Google Meet Hardware:

  • Starting in Q1 2024, several premium whiteboard experiences from external partners will be enabled in Google Workspace for existing EDU institutions who leveraged the Jamboard application. While these have separate subscription costs from the respective partner, each have subscription programs specific to EDU customers with additional promotions possible for Board 65 users.
  • Jam migration: Each partner will be enabling a migration process to take existing Jams which had previously been created and migrate them to the specific partner platform.
  • External whiteboard partner support on Board 65: Google and Avocor are working closely with each of these external partners to enable support for their platform on the Board 65. Support for some of these platforms will begin in beta at the end of 2023 and early in 2024, with full support for all partners by summer of 2024.
  • Specific partners and EDU programs:


The Google Jamboard has been an innovative product that took whiteboarding to the next level via the Google Jamboard application, while also serving as a device for conducting Google Meet calls. Keeping with that tradition, the Google Board 65 by Avocor is part of the Google Meet Hardware family, functioning as a fully integrated Google Meet Hardware device. 
Google Meet Series One Board 65
Google Series One Board 65


The Board 65 also provides an enhanced whiteboarding experience with the Google Jamboard application and will continue to do so through the transition from Jamboard to premium 3rd party whiteboarding solutions throughout 2024.

The Board 65 features a larger screen size (65”) than the Jamboard and a premium camera and audio experience for clear visibility and clarity when used for Google Meet calls. This offer for EDU institutions that are replacing their Jamboard also comes with a free stand or wall mount, 3-year warranty and Google will provide the first year GMH license at no cost.

Key features

  • Single touch Google Meet Start
  • Works with any video app through your personal device
  • Presence detection sensors for instant switch on
  • USB-C connectivity
  • All-in-one camera, Truevoice® audio and microphone
  • Comes with free stand or wall mount
Google Meet Series One Board 65 and Avocor
Google Series One Board 65


The Google Jamboard sunsets on Oct 1, 2024 – take the next step to obtain your free Google Board 65 for Avocor.


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