Arena Business Centre case study

Avocor delivers state-of-the-art technology to meet the high standard of Arena Business Centre’s brand-new £20M centre

Natalie Harris-Briggs  June 15, 2021

Arena Business Centres deliver high-quality offices in modern working spaces that meet the needs of a constantly changing business landscape. They aim to help their clients stay agile, keep flexible and control their costs
while providing exceptional environments that are beautifully designed, offering worldclass facilities that make people want to visit the office.

Over the last 12 months, Arena has witnessed an increase in demand for flexible workspaces as companies re-evaluate
their office requirements and invest in hybrid working environments, as Helen Deverill Marketing Director at Arena Business Centre explains;

“Our customers’ needs have changed over the last year or so; they are looking for enhanced meeting spaces where they can connect multiple locations and offices quickly. We started to explore how we could create fluid meeting spaces where our clients could bring their teams together safely and deliver a space where they could collaborate
and share ideas.”

Arena had first-hand experience of the benefits of using an Avocor interactive display during the summer of 2020 when they used an 86” Avocor display to deliver keynote speaker presentations as part of a workshop initiative. The events team at Arena wanted technology that could engage their audience and meet the specific needs of each presentation and provide a seamless experience that was stress-free for the organisers and presenters.

Arena Business Centre use Avocor interactive displays in their central meeting rooms

In the Spring of 2021, Arena opened their new £20M centre in Reading, Berkshire and was keen to invest in technology in their central meeting room that reflected the overall outlay in the new space.

“We were looking for state-of-the-art technology, to offer our clients the very latest in meeting room technology. The solution needed to meet the high aesthetic standard of our latest centre, to be suitably innovative and eye-catching whilst intuitive to use instantly.

We had previously worked with Avocor interactive displays and had been impressed with how simple the solution was to use. The fact the technology was leading-edge, meant we started to engage with the team at Avocor to scope out our requirements.”

Avocor interactive displays are installed in the meeting rooms at both the Reading and Camberley locations, enabling clients to seamlessly deliver their message to employees, customers, and potential clients alike.

“Our team have road-tested the technology and love the simplicity of the solution. It creates confidence in any technology we deploy within our centres, trusting that it will work and that it is easy to adopt, the Avocor
interactive display does just that.”

The Avocor solution is now a central part of Arena’s meeting room strategy, providing a digital environment for people to meet across multiple video platforms, including Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

“We deliver vibrant spaces, and we need to reflect that vibrancy throughout each centre which is why we chose Avocor; they offer the very best in innovative meeting room technology, and we have absolute confidence in the technology and the brand."

Helen Deverill, Marketing Director at Arena Business Centre
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