International School of Brussels

Natalie Harris-Briggs  May 24, 2018


The International School of Brussels (ISB) is an international school that provides international education to 1500 students between the ages of 3 to 18 from 65 countries around the world.
The school’s mission is to develop independent learners who are personally invested in their own learning; to be a place where all students are included, challenged, and successful.

Re-imagining the future of school admissions

In January 2018, ISB opened the doors to the new ISB Experience Room, transforming the admissions process at this prestigious establishment. The launch of the space was the culmination of years of research and thinking into how to transform admissions into an exciting and engaging learning experience for the whole family, one that matched the educational ethos of the school.
The requirement for change was rooted in a belief that admissions should be a learning experience
for families when choosing a school. The design for the Experience Room also took into consideration evidence that people have different thinking styles when making these kinds of important decisions.

David Willows, Director of Advancement at ISB explains, “The question we were hoping to address is how we can create an environment that helps to make the admissions process an interactive experience, one that framed what learning looks like at the school.”
Part of the challenge was how to celebrate and showcase the history of the school whilst embracing future technology. Technology is about the future and is linked to the way children learn at the school. It is embedded throughout the student learning experience. Like pens and paper, it is so ubiquitous you don’t even notice it. So when it came to designing the experience room, it was obvious that technology was going to play a central role.

Creating an immersive experience

The team started looking for state-of-the-art technology that could facilitate a collaborative admissions experience. David continues “Along the journey we came across the Avocor display and we were instantly impressed with how technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing the display was. We were also impressed with how the Prysm cloud collaboration software integrated with the Avocor display.”
Built on an agnostic platform, the Avocor display integrates seamlessly with 3rd party tools and applications to create a collaborative environment that suits every need and requirement.
A mobile display frame from Urben Technologies was chosen to create a simple, standalone solution that was elegant and stylish. The overall result was a blueprint that enabled the school to turn a thought process into a reality.
“We now have an admissions experience that combines space, ideas and content and is a direct reflection of the values of the school and represents the beliefs, values and innovations that is intrinsic within the school.”
The team at ISB have built an impressive library of high-quality assets, brought to life on the Avocor 4K interactive display. At the heart of the Experience is an interactive game which invites the family to get up out of their seats and interact together. The principle of the game is to view a series of cards and then the family chooses the card that is the most important to them and rank them in order of importance.

The superior touch experience of the Avocor F10 interactive display ensured that families could collaborate in a natural and fluid way on the touchscreen, while the 10-point touch meant that more than one person could collaborate on the display at the same time.
“Our interactive game is the true essence of family collaboration and the Avocor interactive display delivers an immersive and engaging experience for the family.”

Innovative spaces that empower

Since opening its doors, the feedback to the new Experience Room has been very favourable.
“Families are engaging positively, and the feedback has been a mixture of surprise, awe, excitement and we are awaiting data surrounding the impact on the admission process and experience with keen interest. For ISB, the solution is entirely suitable, and the finished product has exceeded our expectations,” David concludes.

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