10 Future of Work Trends to Enhance Company Productivity

Dana Corey  

Do you want to make productivity within your company soar? 

It’s time to consider these future of work trends. In 2022 and the future, there are plenty of ways to increase workplace productivity that aren’t just encouraging your staff members to work non-stop. 

In fact, by making the most of future of work trends involving specific technology, communicating with staff members and using a wider technology pool, you can help super-boost your productivity in the workplace. 

Here are ten future work trends to consider when creating your business plans and goals!

Future of Work Trends for Productivity

Wellness policies 

Wellness policies are instrumental for workplaces wanting to boost productivity. The pandemic has caused a huge rise in mental health problems for people across the world, and wellness has never been more important. 

But how does this affect productivity? When people suffer with mental health issues, they are usually a lot less productive - up to 35%, in fact. As a workplace, you might not be able to completely solve anyone’s mental health problems, but a supportive environment can help. 

Plus, people who work in compassionate offices, with bosses who care about their wellness, may be motivated to work harder. They will likely want to return the favour, which could be enough to increase productivity. 

Some things that you could implement are wellness hours, access to therapy or open discussions about mental health in the workplace. 

Hybrid work 

Nowadays, most workplaces have some hybrid work policies. These policies involve working in the office some days per week and working at home on others. Different companies have different hybrid working policies, so you might want to try a few to find the best for you. 

future of remote work

Hybrid work can help to superspeed your company’s productivity levels because it enables staff members to work as they please. Some people work better when in the office atmosphere, whereas others prefer operating at home, without needing to commute. You could work with different staff members to find the hybrid schedule that they are most productive with, boosting your overall productivity further!

Collaboration hardware 

Collaboration increases productivity greatly. It helps teams focus on individual people’s skills, enabling people to do what they love and are good at and lifting productivity levels as a whole. 

Using collaboration technology can help you to engage and interact with team members, both inside and outside the office. For example, interactive displays like those offered at Avocor encourage interactivity between staff members. You can use them to host meetings, collaborate and annotate in real-time over shared meeting content with remote and in-room workers. 

This means that, even if teams are working on a hybrid schedule, they’ll still be able to collaborate as much as they do in the office, which will boost productivity levels.

Appropriate software

Software can also help you to collaborate. Programmes like Slack, Asana and Monday are excellent project management tools that could help you to communicate with employees inside and outside the office. 

Like interactive displays, collaboration software can help you jointly work on projects and enhance individual peoples’ strengths and interests. 

The aforementioned programmes are also excellent for time management; Asana, for example, uses a calendar format to help employees envisage their tasks and keep on top of deadlines. These features can increase productivity even more. 

Using freelancers

Freelancers are becoming part of the bread and butter of successful organisations. Freelancers have a particular speciality - such as writing, graphic design or consulting - and work with multiple companies on a contractual basis. 

Using freelancers is very beneficial to workplaces. It is often substantially cheaper, as they arrange their own taxes and do not need any workplace benefits or equipment. 

freelance work of future

Furthermore, companies only pay freelancers for the work that they really need, making them much more affordable than hiring full-time staff. You can hire one or multiple freelancers whenever you need them, and you don’t need to pay them for work that your existing staff members can already do themselves. This means that they can increase the productivity of even small start-up companies! 

Access to a wider talent pool

Another benefit of using freelancers or having remote workers is having access to a wider talent pool. This is because, if you are using remote workers, location is no longer a constraint. 

If you don’t require team members to be online at particular times, people from all over the globe could apply to vacant positions. And you could choose to hire staff members from the other side of the world simply because they are the best at what they do.

Of course, when you hire more highly skilled people, you can often look forward to more productivity and better workplace quality! 

Staff member involvement

Involving staff members in your everyday decision-making can help you enormously when boosting productivity levels. Staff members will usually feel gratitude for having an involvement, and keeping morale high can have huge effects when it comes to productivity in the workplace. 

Furthermore, you can speak to staff directly about productivity and their thoughts on how to increase it in the workplace. This can assist you when coming up with new ideas!

office staff contribution

Provide learning opportunities 

In 2022, and even more prudently in the future, it’s important to provide learning opportunities for staff members. New technology and other workplace trends can give staff members the chance to develop new skills. These can be supported by further learning opportunities. 

As an employer, you could provide free or heavily discounted access to courses and educational opportunities. Not only will this increase employee gratitude, which usually enhances productivity, but developing individual skills could help the entire workplace become more productive. 

Boost company culture

Increasing company culture can help to raise workplace morale and subsequently, its productivity. 

So what is company culture? It’s how employees interact with each other and their behaviour. 

You can foster a good company culture by engaging with your employees outside of work-related topics. For example, you could start every meeting by asking employees how their weekend was or other questions about their life. 

Furthermore, you could arrange some out of work activities. These could include staff socials like meals and drinks or entire team building days. These events should help your staff to interact with each other. They may feel more committed to the company and able to collaborate with other members of staff. 

Encourage goal setting and awareness

Goal setting is a great way to enhance productivity. Having tangible goals to focus on can help you to understand why you’re working hard and may give you the extra push to be as productive as possible. 

But in an office, personal goals often become joint goals. Encourage all of your staff members to set their own goals, and have sessions where you set goals together. Ensure that every staff member knows why a certain goal has been set and the potential impacts of achieving each specific goal. 

You could also communicate that staff members may receive certain perks if a particular goal is achieved. For example, you could tell your staff members that if you reach a certain profit, everyone will get a bonus or salary raise. Of course, it’s important to only promise these things if you know that you can deliver them! 

future work trends for employees

Pick your future of work trends and deploy them today

These future of work trends can help you to skyrocket productivity in your company! Many companies already employ hybrid workers and freelancers, adopt wellness hours and use collaborative technology, but if you don’t, the time is now. 

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