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Collaborative software 

Collaborative software 

What is an example of collaboration software? 

Collaboration software permits teams to work together even if they don’t share the same physical space. It’s as though you’re sitting in the same room together — accessing business-specific interfaces, including calendars and the entire Microsoft 365 suite, allowing you to do your job, even if you’re working from home. 

The best collaboration software offers:

  • Instant messaging
  • Real-time access to live documents, such as group diaries and work calendars
  • Instant video conferencing and voice messaging platforms
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Hassle-free sign-in
  • Shared access to 3rd-party applications
Avocor’s GroupShare for Microsoft 365

Some collaboration applications, such as Slack, offer instant messaging and video meeting capabilities. However, Avocor’s GroupShare solution is preconfigured for native Microsoft 365 integration. This means you gain one-click accessibility to MS 365 calendars, OneDrive, and secure wireless screen sharing.

GroupShare for One-Touch Meetings

GroupShare allows you to start a meeting with a single touch, ensuring your session starts on time and your workstream runs to schedule. Offering everything a team needs to collaborate and innovate, GroupShare provides all team members a consistent meeting room experience that helps everyone feel like they’re in the same room together; even if they’re on the other side of the planet. 

What are the features of collaborative software? 

Effective collaborative software needs to be a one-stop shop to meet everyone’s working needs. With more of us than ever working remotely, it has become essential that we can all keep track of project progress, stay on top of group and individual communications, shared calendars and diaries, and custom interfaces in real-time. 

Avocor’s GroupShare solution offers secure one-touch access to:

  • Video conferencing apps
  • Microsoft 365 applications
  • Business-specific interfaces such as intranets, web portals, and shared drives
  • Room- and individual calendars 


Software that integrates with in-house systems

GroupShare integrates seamlessly with practically all smart devices and typical computer infrastructures, making any room a meeting room. 

Bring office workers together with home workers and invite expert freelancers into group meetings that feel natural and productive with Avocor’s interactive touchscreen solutions. 

Full Microsoft 365 integration

Preconfigured for Microsoft 365 integration, Avocor’s GroupShare collaborative software allows you to start a meeting with a single touch, incorporating all of the most popular video conferencing applications, including Teams, Zoom, Meet, and GoToMeeting. 

And with wireless screen sharing, there’s no need to pass cables around the room — just swipe to the screen to share ideas and proposals. 

What is the best collaboration software? 

Remote working can feel a little lonely and alienating. And when you have a mixed team of on-site and remote workers, it can be challenging to bring that team together because they’re never in the same physical location. And it’s not unheard of for workers to have never met in the flesh. 

Collaboration software overcomes the problem of disparate teams, helping bring everyone together regardless of location. And there’s a raft of collaboration applications that work natively with Avocor flatscreen hardware. 

While it’s difficult to choose one best collaboration tool, we can explain how our interactive touchscreen technology makes integration with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet feel so accessible it feels like everyone’s in the room together. 

Avocor’s GroupShare platform offers straightforward one-touch access to video conferencing and collaboration tools. Our secure GroupShare portal provides seamless integration for great face-to-face meetings; preconfigured for Microsoft 365, GroupShare gives everyone instant access to shared calendars, document sharing, and wireless screen sharing. 

Start a meeting instantly through Zoom, Teams, Meet, GoToMeeting, and almost every video conferencing tool available. GroupShare provides a virtual meeting space that keeps the creative energy flowing through to project completion.

What does collaboration software do? 

Collaboration software allows teams to work together regardless of their physical location, and Avocor’s range of interactive flatscreens offers native integration with a broad range of online collaboration tools. 

Collaboration software helps teams:

Communicate — apps like Slack help keep the conversation flowing by providing access to multi-platform portals from desktops and mobile devices. Offering live chat, messaging, audio calls, and video meetings, these systems help keep everyone involved and informed. Many communication platforms incorporate simple document-sharing capabilities. 

Manage tasks — remote working brings new challenges to team collaboration. Task management tools help keep everyone up-to-date with tasks, deadlines, and live changes to project objectives and outcomes. Accessible through a range of web-based portals, task management software supports disparate teamworking regardless of their physical location. 

Share and update documents — systems like Google Docs offer real-time team collaboration on shared documents, providing a way for remote workers to contribute to document development — even when they cannot join the rest of the team in person. 

Avocor’s GroupShare platform offers secure and straightforward access for every team member - bringing on-site and remote workers together and helping keep the creative energy flowing and productivity high. Providing one-touch start meetings over Zoom, Teams, Meet, GoToMeeting, and more, Avocor’s range of interactive touchscreens offers seamless integrations for in-person meetings and conferences, and online sessions.

What are the three types of collaboration software? 

Most companies allow for a degree of working flexibility, providing comfortable and productive workspaces for on-site staff. However, the internet has changed the way we engage with talent, and it’s just as likely to hire an expert freelancer who works from a remote location as it is to hire a locally-based worker. 

So, online collaboration tools have become essential portals that boost the productivity of local and remote workers. 

There are three principal types of collaboration software to improve workflow:

  • Communication software — offering text-based chat, audio, and video conferencing, applications like Slack keep live communication flowing regardless of the time of day. More versatile and easier to navigate than email, discussion threads help keep content relevant, while chat and messaging keeps real-time conversations flowing between individuals and groups. Most communication platforms offer file sharing, making it easy to collaborate on documents regardless of a worker’s location. 
  • Task management software — essential for collaboration, live task management software keeps remote and location-based teams working closely together on time-sensitive projects. Allowing managers to prioritize and track tasks, these applications help everyone keep track of deadlines. Incorporating boards that give everyone visibility of task progress, platforms such as Asana and Zoho Connect facilitate planning and scheduling in real-time for big and small teams alike. 
  • Document and content management software — allowing users to store, manage, and share documents, platforms such as Google Docs and Confluence enable multiple team members to collaborate on a single document. Providing synchronous editing, several people can edit and update documents, seeing changes in real-time. 

Avocor’s GroupShare platform provides simple and secure one-touch access to a massive range of collaboration tools and video conferencing apps

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