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Interactive teaching 

Interactive teaching 

How do you use interactive teaching methods? 

Modern teaching demands that staff differentiate their learning resources to accommodate multiple learning styles simultaneously. And digital displays in the classroom have changed the way learners can engage with taught content.

No longer can a teacher rely on “chalk and talk”. Students expect to get hands-on with their learning, finding answers to questions through discovery in a sharing environment designed to be inclusive to everyone — whether they’re in the classroom or accessing learning content remotely. 

Teachers can instantly access video content from YouTube or other learning sites to reinforce learning objectives. Displayed through a beautiful 4K display, interactive whiteboards offer touch interactivity and native integrations with remote learning tools such as MS Teams and Zoom.

Avocor’s classroom display solutions integrate with existing school technologies, allowing groups to collaborate and share their learning from connected tablets, laptops, and even smartphones.  

Interactive displays promote active learning in the classroom, allowing students to participate in learning content creatively — from shooting and editing video content to creating and sharing presentations. 

Create interactive infographics that allow students to explore learning content in their way — either through intuitive touch screens or connected devices within the classroom.

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