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Interactive learning 

Interactive learning 

What is an interactive learning tool? 

Avocor’s interactive touch screen technology puts instant control over the display’s content at the tip of your finger. And in the classroom, this makes for an exciting medium for teaching and learning. 

Using an interactive touch screen instead of a conventional chalkboard allows teachers to deliver learning content to pupils in the classroom at the same time as children stuck at home and learning remotely. 

Children no longer need to miss out if they cannot make it to school because Avocor’s displays natively integrate with all major video conferencing applications, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Ring Central.

Avocor’s education solutions

Avocor’s education solutions help students see, hear, and participate — offering touch interactivity with websites, educational resources, and documents. 

Young people in learning environments have grown up around touch screens, so it makes sense that their learning incorporates this most natural way to discover and play. 

Flat screen displays for learning

Flat screen displays become flexible classroom resources, displaying everything from text documents to videos, apps, and games. 

They allow teachers and students to annotate directly on the board like a traditional chalkboard while encouraging students to interact with on-screen content — putting their learning at their fingertips. 

Check out our brilliant article about using interactive technology in the classroom.

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