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Business collaboration 

Business collaboration 

What is lateral collaboration in business? 

Lateral collaboration is a process of bringing people together where everyone contributes to a project without hierarchical restrictions. The group relies on each other to achieve a common goal, bound together equally rather than in the typical pyramid-shaped structure of collaborative teams.  

Lateral collaboration allows teams to focus on innovation rather than just the objective — solving problems in new, dynamic, and agile ways. 

How to improve communication for better collaboration

Of course, this style of working requires continual communication, using flexible platforms to share ideas through open forums and documents. Heavily reliant on multi-platform messaging solutions, lateral collaboration project meetings are often a hybrid of in-house and remote workers.  

For successful lateral collaboration, you need:

  • A super-flexible display technology that natively integrates with video conferencing applications, work-specific apps, and messaging services.
  • A corporate display solution that immediately creates meeting equity, helping everyone contribute to the meeting like they’re in the room together.
  • Collaborative software that makes in-house and remote workers feel like they’re in the same room
One-touch meetings

With simple connectivity that just works, you’ll always start your meetings on time while giving each participant the maximum opportunity to contribute to your shared goals.

What is a collaborative business model? 

A collaborative business model requires people from various teams and locations to work together on joint projects. Many companies operate a hybrid model post-pandemic, with some employees in offices and others working from home. 

And it’s this blended approach to team working that demands technologies that seamlessly bring people from disparate locations together.

Corporate display solutions for collaboration

Effective video conferencing solutions are more valuable than ever. And this is where Avocor’s corporate display solutions - which integrate natively with all conferencing platforms from Google Meet to Zoom - help unify teams in hybrid workplaces. 

Our state-of-the-art tech creates instant meeting equity, making everyone feel like they’re in the room together — even when they’re not. 

Interactive displays for one-touch meetings

Avocor’s interactive displays help everyone to participate, regardless of their location. Everyone can hear each other, speak to each other, and contribute visually through interactive whiteboard platforms — helping each teammate enjoy a driving seat at the table.  

However, our corporate display solutions aren’t just for big conglomerates; we have solutions compatible with every application and budget. 

Improve team engagement by creating an immersive collaborative environment that inspires creativity and bolsters productivity. 

Collaborative solutions for all environments

From desktop solutions to large meeting room displays, Avocor’s seamless connectivity allows meetings to start on time and flow like everyone’s in the room together. Find out more about our versatile interactive touch screens here.

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