Avocor adds Jabra to its CollabTouch program through new strategic alliance, further enabling interactive collaboration solutions across existing ecosystems

Jeff Boggess  June 11, 2024

Avocor, one of the fastest-growing interactive display and collaboration companies, has announced a new strategic alliance with Jabra, a manufacturer of audio equipment and video conferencing systems, marking an expansion to the Avocor CollabTouch program.

The strategic alliance will enable the development of reference design solutions that deliver effective hybrid working, combining Jabra’s technical excellence with Avocor’s interactive collaboration solutions to enable meeting equity and inclusion in any space.

The new alliance will see Jabra’s PanaCast 50 Video Bar System and PanaCast 50 Video Room System being configured with Avocor’s G, E , H, E92 and L series of displays and CollabTouch Kit. The PanaCast 50 VBS is an all-in-one appliance with professional-grade audio and a whole host of intelligent features, such as Virtual Director and precision voice detection. Purposefully configured with Avocor’s interactive displays, users will be able to immediately start collaborating with ease and simplicity whatever the size and configuration of their meeting space. 

There are many archetypes of meetings spaces in today’s hybrid world of work. Avocor CollabTouch solutions enable the use of proper screen size, feature and function for each space through careful curation of reference design configurations with Avocor Alliance Partners. Each of the Avocor display series (E Series, G Series, H Series, E92 Series and L Series) offer unique features to meet the needs of any deployment, including BYOD Rooms, Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. The inclusion of the Avocor CollabTouch Kit provides simplified installation, connectivity and deployment creating flexible, scalable and modular solutions that provide more value than that of other all-in-one displays.

Olly Henderson, Head of Portfolio at Jabra, said: “Jabra are delighted to partner with Avocor to bring to market a best-in-class solution utilizing our leading technologies. The Jabra PanaCast VBS is the perfect complement to Avocor displays and opens opportunity for us and all our deployment partners to create a multitude of new use cases in a host of new verticals. The pace of Android bar adoption is significant and often users need the solution to be mobile and agile, seizing control directly through the display, thanks to Avocor we are delighted to be able to offer a solution for this workflow.”

Avocor’s partnership with Jabra is part of a larger focus by the manufacturer on forming strategic alliances that will help to ensure that interactive collaboration can thrive across the multiple UCC ecosystems that exist in the market. The company recently announced the creation of a new Avocor Alliances organization to build on the legacy partnerships already in place and work across the industry to deliver aligned plans and products that enable the best experiences for users.

Wayne N. Driggers Jr., Head of Global Alliances at Avocor, said: “The advancement, and increased adoption, of whiteboarding/infinite canvas applications, provided by or integrated with leading UC platforms, has increased the need for better enabled meeting spaces that do not limit workers capabilities. The drive for more equity and inclusion in meetings spaces cannot be achieved if applications used in those spaces are limited due to lack of interactive enabling components.

The Avocor CollabTouch program enables the optimal pairing of interactive display size with our Alliance Partner’s UC peripheral technology to deliver the most effective meeting space experiences, all while activating the interactive features of the applications used in the space. Avocor Alliance Partners can enable any space with interactivity thereby unleashing the full potential of their technology to accommodate these use cases and empower their customers with the freedom to use the applications they need in any space, thereby achieving equity, inclusion and modality parity desired by all. We are excited to add Jabra as an Alliance Partner and look forward to unleashing interactivity, together, across any space or application.”  

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