PMC Commercial Interiors Case Study

Natalie Harris-Briggs  November 8, 2018


Based in the Carolinas, PMC Commercial Interiors creates physical and digital spaces that drive workplace productivity and innovation. The company strives to design beautiful and engaging environments that enable people to work better.

Spencer Ackerman, Director of Collaborative Technology, details how PMC has utilized Avocor interactive solutions to help create an innovative environment, bringing together remote teams and visually engaging their clients.

Driving innovation

Having used Bluescape visual collaboration software for several years, PMC was looking for display solutions that showcase the ideation application software, helping to improve internal collaboration beyond their four office walls and share visual content with their customers. Spencer wanted a solution that worked seamlessly with Bluescape, enabling teams to share and annotate on client designs and provide a compelling platform to engage clients. After seeing the proposition from Avocor at InfoComm 2017, Spencer deployed Avocor displays with Bluescape controllers into PMC workspaces and, by adding a web camera, PMC was able to run video collaboration meetings through the Bluescape software.

"Our experience with the Avocor solution has been wonderful and the display works perfectly with the Bluescape software, which was very important to us. During our initial trials, we have found that the interaction with the Avocor display has been far superior and more responsive than alternative solutions."

As a design-driven company, PMC places high importance on annotation across the Enterprise,  with daily, cross-team interaction between the sales operation and design teams in their six office locations. This has made PMC more proactive with their client-base, reducing travel expenses and substantial time saving.

"We have an Avocor display in all six of our locations running Bluescape. This set up enables teams to collaborate on client office layout and designs in real-time, streamlining the whole process."

PMC has seen improved engagement with their clients since integrating Avocor displays with remote customers now able to see proposed workspaces much faster and collaborate real-time in the cloud, regardless of any participants location.

"The Avocor and Bluescape combination enables us to create an infinite canvas that enables everyone to share and contribute in real-time, regardless of location, speeding up the decision making process and ultimately making our business more productive."

Offering incredibly precise annotation when using the display, screen content is replicated clearly across all locations with users able to interact intuitively.

Looking to the future

"Our aspiration is to fully integrate Avocor displays across our entire business, providing an immersive experience for all of our staff. We love that Avocor is truly agnostic, meaning we can create an environment that works for PMC today and tomorrow."

PMC now offers the Avocor/ Bluescape bundle to their clients, positioning the solution as best-in-class when it comes to productive workplace technology.

"The way in which people work is changing , with greater emphasis on teamwork rather than individual 'me' working. This means there is increasing requirement for more collaborative work spaces and PMC highly recommends Avocor displays as part of the workplace transformation agenda."

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