DuPont installs Avocor E series displays

Avocor pens a success story at DuPont Ink Factory

Natalie Harris-Briggs  March 14, 2023

Avocor, a global leader in display and collaboration technology, has recently completed a project to supply several interactive displays to a major DuPont production facility in North America. Located in Fort Madison, Iowa, the facility manufactures ink as well as a diverse portfolio of products, and a recent overall capacity increase saw the plant require efficiency improvements in certain areas - including ink production scheduling. The use of the interactive Avocor displays has allowed the facility to move from a manual ink ‘batch’ tracking to an interactive system that provides instant access to individual batch status and other important information.

Manufacturing at the Fort Madison plant is largely focused on the production of the DuPont™ Artistri® waterbased inks for several different digital printing markets. Production scheduling for the various batches of ink was previously tracked via a mix of an Excel spreadsheet and a whiteboard in the conference room. However, the new system now allows technicians to update, change status, rename, and organize production schedules using the Avocor E series touchscreen displays. This new routine improves availability of information and eliminates any duplication of work.

There are six schedule boards in total. James Arney, Design Consultant, CTi, handles the DuPont account: “I’ve worked on projects for DuPont for the last two years and was contacted by the AV/IT department as they were looking for some touchscreen displays to place in some of their smaller conference rooms,” he says. “We have a great ongoing relationship with Avocor and enjoy the support they provide to customers. I had no hesitation in recommending the Avocor AVE-6530 display and I’m happy to report that DuPont are delighted with them.”

Shawnna R. Maupin, Master Scheduler, Electronics & Industrial, at DuPont also commented: “Moving from a manual Excel-based system to an interactive, touchscreen approach has improved our access to information and really helped with general efficiency. Display operation is intuitive so minimal training was required post-installation, a real bonus, and we’ve also significantly cut down on our purchase of dry-erase markers!”

The Avocor AVE-6530 E series interactive display utilizes the very latest optimized touch technology and superior glass technology to provide a smooth and extremely accurate, low-latency writing experience and object recognition. It can easily switch between pen, finger, and palm to create a fluid collaborative environment for users in real-time and also features Avocor’s UiQ touch-enabled interface.

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